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July 2009

Hermano Juancito

I promised in the podcast that I’d post a link to this right after I posted the podcast, but then I had to run to work so didn’t get to it until now, many hours later. I should have actually posted it days ago, but I didn’t. Such is life.

This link is to the blog of John Donaghy, a cousin of Brandy’s. (Technically he is a “first cousin once removed” for those who like getting those things straight.) From his blog’s profile: “I am a lay volunteer with the Catholic diocese of Santa Rosa de Copán, Honduras. I help in the rural parish of Dulce Nombre de María and serve as associate director of Caritas of the diocese.”

He has been blogging recently about the situation there in Honduras.

The link to the blog: HermanoJuancito.

The beginning of a recent post:

Golpe de estado – day three
(John Donaghy, Hermano Juancito, 30 Jun 2009)

For a few minutes the quiet of the streets of Santa Rosa was broken by the shouts of people marching in support of the ousted president, Mel Zelaya. There were over 200 on foot followed by at least twenty cars with at least 100 people. They had blocked the highway near Santa Rosa since early this morning, joining with roadblocks in other parts of Honduras of people against the coup.

The mainstream press, mostly owned by the economic elite, largely downplayed these protests and claimed that they were controlled and guided by Venezuelans and Nicaraguans. However the well attended rallies in support of the coup in San Pedro Sula and the capital city of Tegucigalpa were well covered here.

I also sent the link to Andrew Sullivan last night, and he of course linked it before I did myself. Sullivan did get one thing wrong though (even though I mentioned it in my email to him), he is blogging from Honduras, but he is an American expat, not a Honduran.