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July 2009

We Choose The Moon

For those who aren’t already watching/listening We Choose The Moon is replaying the live audio (delayed 40 years) from Apollo 11. As I type it is 1 hour and 13 minutes until they begin the lunar decent, and 3 hours and 45 minutes until the landing. Worth a listen.

Doctor 11 – Seriously, a Bow Tie?

First Photo of Next Doctor’s Costume
(Doctor Who Official News Site, 20 Jul 2009)

His new costume comprises black boots, dark trousers, a smart shirt and bow tie with a light brown jacket completing the ensemble. It says adventure. It says laid back cool. It says Time Lord chic and we’re loving it!

Uh huh.

DVD: Sixteen Candles

So, this week was an Amy movie weekend. It actually was supposed to be for the last several weeks, but she never had a qualifying movie. This time she did. But then at the last minute she got an invite from a friend for some concert, so ditched family movie night. Brandy and I watched her movie anyway.

The movie was Sixteen Candles, which I had NEVER SEEN. I knew it was some sort of “classic” from the 80’s that was always spoken of with nostalgia. I figured that meant it was a good movie. I was wrong. There were perhaps a couple of funny moments, but it was mostly just bad and full of annoying stereotypes. Now, did I recognize some of Amy’s behavior in Molly Ringwald? OK, maybe. BUt for the most part, it was just people walking around doing things that didn’t make sense, and for which the motivations were unclear and also made no sense. And almost everybody making bad decisions and acting irresponsibly at every turn.

I admit it, I just don’t get it.

Why does anybody like this movie?