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August 2009

Continental Challenge

In the latest Curmudgeon’s Corner…

Sam and Ivan talk about:

  • Holder’s Investigation
  • Townhalls
  • Healthcare
  • Birthers
  • Newspapers

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3 comments to Continental Challenge

  • Regarding the shouting at the town halls, I’m surprised by your short memories? Does no one remember the string of Code Pink disruptions? The G8, WTO, and related protests? Astro-turfing has been alive and well on both sides for years. That you’d only notice one side doing it shouldn’t surprise me, I guess. (And then Ivan, who loved ranting about the “criminal” actions of Bush & Co., making the ludicrous jump to only picking out the side he opposes to single out for comparison to the Nazis is classic.)

    The trend toward shouting down both sides and building party-loyal majorities rather than coalitions may well destroy the country.

  • I think your own memories are short… I have generally showed impatience for protesters of all sorts on all political issues. I generally think all of them are a bunch of nutjobs. I pretty much hate all protesters no matter if I agree or disagree with the things they are advocating for.

    And the ones you mention for sure… Code Pink, the anti-Globalization folks, etc… they are all crazy, and some of them definitely cross the line of civil discourse. (I think in the case of the anti-globalization folks, Ivan and I actually did complain about them on the podcast.)

    Now, having said that, as long as they ARE civil, I fully support their rights to do what they do. But once they are disruptive, they are just assholes. And as far as I am concerned that makes it very hard to take seriously whatever they are advocating for, and diminishes their case.

    And in terms of this being “new” of course it isn’t. It goes back as far as human civilization. That doesn’t make it helpful.

    Oh, and yeah, I did call out Ivan on the Nazi thing too. It made me laugh. He went straight from criticizing folks he disagreed with for making Nazi comparisons to making one himself. That was quite amusing.

    And I don’t disagree with your conclusion at all. The middle is dead, and we are all the worse for it.

  • Ivan

    I have been pretty hard on the anti-globalization idiots you mention and all the moronic protests you mention. No we don’t like either them and if you go through our shows we have been pretty consistent. The Nazi rant wasn’t something said by some random guy this was said by the big talking heads of the conservatite right and has been taken on by the protesters.

    We have been complaining about the middle being dead for a long time as Sam said we don’t like these extremists on both sides of the equation.

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