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October 2009

Doctor Who: Inferno

dwInfW250So, back on July 17th I posted that we had watched this. I posted that it was Disk One and has the first four episodes, and the remaining 3 episodes were on Disk Two. Well, as it turns out, when we finally got Disk Two, it just had extras. Turns out the first disk had all seven episodes, and I had just missed an item marked “next” on one of the menus, so I prematurely sent back the disk and posted about it. When I discovered this I was of course distraught because this means the system we had used to pick movies had been distorted and wrong since July, since we hadn’t ACTUALLY watched this… at least not completely. Anyway, in the end it just meant we needed to watch it again, and this time watch the whole thing.

Inferno is a Third Doctor story from 1970. I think it is actually one of the better third Doctor stories actually. As with all stories from this era, it goes on a bit long, but in the mean time it is actually interesting. Well, and funny in the usual probably not meant to be funny but how can you not laugh at the man with all the extra hair stuck all over him fighting with the green goo? I mean, green goo!

The main interesting part is of course the alternate universe versions of various characters and seeing how they differ from the original universe. Not quite up to the level of Mirror, Mirror over on Star Trek a few years earlier, but the same kind of deal.

Anyway, decent, at least for a Third Doctor story. And Amy and Brandy mostly managed to stay awake. I can’t wait to get to Fourth Doctor stories. Of course, while I remember them fondly from my teenage years, I anticipate I may find they don’t age all that well. Oh well. I’m still looking forward to them. But if we are ever going to get there, we need to pick up the pace a bit! They keep releasing new early Doctor stories faster than we end up watching them.

Roscoe and Amy