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November 2009

Wired Wireless

My iPhone 3G now only works when it plugged into a power source. The rest of the time it reboots every few seconds (not long enough to actually finish booting) until it runs out of battery.

Sometimes after having been plugged in for awhile it will be ok for up to half an hour before it starts the rebooting thing. Sometimes. Not usually.

But it works fine as long as it is plugged in. Joy. I always wanted a cellphone that only worked when attached by a cord to a power source. Wonderful.

Of course I went out of warentee a couple of months ago and had neglected to get AppleCare. Bleh.

Maybe it will magically fix itself if I bash it a few times with a rock.

Or not.

7 comments to Wired Wireless

  • From EB via Facebook:

    i heard on NPR that 100,000 people work at the iPhone assembly plant in China — somebody lost their focus! maybe you can just tote a generator wherever you go.

    (10 hours ago)

  • From BC via Facebook:

    Or maybe you should take it back to the store and let them know that it is defective. With the cost of those darn things I sure as heck would!

    (5 hours ago)

  • From SM via Facebook:

    Eugene: Perhaps not a generator, but I am considering one of these:

    (2 seconds ago)

  • From SM via Facebook:

    Barb: Unfortunately it is out of warranty by a few months, so a free replacement is out. Depending on what is wrong, an out-of-warranty replacement or repair is either $99 (if it is just the battery) or $199 (if it is something else). Of course, at that point, you are getting close to replacement cost if you have had it long enough to be eligible for an upgrade… Which for me won’t happen until the end of April. I could upgrade now without waiting at an even higher price with a two year commitment, but at that point the delta between that and having it fixed is much greater, so I probably wouldn’t. I’m guessing if it is the battery I’ll just get that fixed. If that isn’t it, I may get the external battery pack thing I linked in the previous response, then try to wait until May to get a replacement.

    (2 seconds ago)

  • From SC via Facebook:

    Get a 3gs or wait for the droid phone.

    I can’t get 3.1.2 os to install.

    (7 hours ago)

  • From SM via Facebook:

    Droid has some interesting stuff going for it for sure, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be sticking with the Apple family of devices. Having said that, while I would love a GS, and once I’m eligible for an upgrade it will become an option for sure, I also know there is no way I will pay non-upgrade prices for one. So I’ll be looking at actually trying to get this one fixed at the non-warranty repair rates, or finding a work around until I’m eligible for upgrade prices n a GS. :-)

    (2 seconds ago)

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