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March 2010

Alex with DC Grands

2010 Feb 25 01:14 UTC

I actually liked a different one taken three seconds earlier a bit better, but this one was on “the list” so I used it instead, even though that violated my rule of not letting the list affect my editorial choices and just cropping or blurring or skipping ones not on the list. :-)

Wild Child

So, we finally started doing video nights again after not having done one for awhile, and it was Amy’s turn. Her movie this time around was Wild Child. This is a 2008 teen girl oriented movie. Misbehaving rich girl from California gets sent to boarding school in England. From that one sentence you can probably guess exactly the entire plot of the rest of the movie, and you would most likely be right.

Lets see…. culture clash between the new bad girl and the boarding school girls. Conflict ensues. But through a series of events the girls find they can relate after all, and the boarding school girls learn a bit from the new girl, and the new girl learns a bit from the boarding school girls. Oh, and of course there is a romantic interest, and a few people to act as advisories. In the end the bad girl learns a lesson about friendship and humanity and they all live happily ever after.

Yeah, pretty much that.

Brandy was groaning and asking when it would be over almost from the very first scene. I didn’t mind it that much. I thought it was actually kind of amusing. No depth of course. No surprises. Nothing super interesting. But yet amusing. It killed a couple of hours.

If your teenage girl wants to watch this, it won’t kill you. But otherwise, if you are not yourself a teenage girl, you can very safely skip this.