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May 2017
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Curmudgeon’s Corner: The Russia Trump Hour

This week on Curmudgeon’s Corner Sam and Ivan talk about… well… could it be anything else? Almost the whole show is on the many Trump-Russia developments from the last week. Developments in the Mike Flynn story. Trump talking about tapping conversations. Trump meets with Russians and says things that get him in trouble. Reports on Trump-Comey conversations. The Special Counsel. The continuing investigation. Talk of Impeachment and the 25th amendment. Basically all Trump this week. Except for a Wiki of the Day update.

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Show Details:

Recorded 2017-05-20
Length this week – 1:57:21

  • (0:00:54-0:14:08) But First
    • All Trump
    • Things not covered
    • Negative news tone
    • Wiki of the Day update
    • Alex interlude
  • (0:14:56-0:45:31) Trump-Russia Part 1
    • Ignored warnings about Flynn
    • Trump tapes?
    • Trump meeting with Russians
    • Trump is a moron
    • Fox effect
  • (0:46:36-1:25:09) Trump-Russia Part 2
    • Taking notes at meetings
    • Trump/Comey meetings
    • Coverup vs Crime
    • Special Council
    • Follow the money
    • McCarthy/Ryan on Trump/Russia
    • Kushner is a person of interest
    • Trump still likes Flynn
    • Russians bragging about Flynn
    • Who Trump people trust
  • (1:25:50-1:57:01) Removal Options
    • No President Hatch
    • Impeachment Route
    • 25th Amendment Route
    • What next?


The Curmudgeon’s Corner theme music is generously provided by Ray Lynch.

Our intro is “The Oh of Pleasure” (Amazon MP3 link)

Our outro is “Celestial Soda Pop” (Amazon MP3 link)

Both are from the album “Deep Breakfast” (iTunes link)

Please buy his music and support his GoFundMe.

Curmudgeon’s Corner: That list is big!

Once again Ed and Bruce join Sam on Curmudgeon’s Corner. This week we have both Trump and non-Trump topics! On the Trump side, with Ed: Trump/Russia, the healthcare debate, and America’s wars. On the non-Trump side, with Bruce: Hyperloop technology, old school retail, terrorism, and Internet privacy. And as an extra bonus, everybody talks about their favorite podcasts. Other than this one. This is of course everybody’s favorite podcast. That doesn’t have to be said.

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Show Details:

Recorded 2017-03-24
Length this week – 2:55:55

  • (0:00:10-0:06:04) Intro
    • Ivan still out
    • Agenda
  • (0:06:41-0:41:57) Ed from Pennsylvania Part 1
    • Fitness
    • Favorite Podcasts
    • Russia Stuff
  • (0:42:36-1:08:34) Ed from Pennsylvania Part 2
    • Healthcare
    • Distractions
    • Fighting the last war
  • (1:10:34-1:46:03) Bruce from Washington Part 1
    • Facebook Discussion
    • Small World!
    • TV Update
    • Favorite Podcasts
    • Hyperloop
    • Old School Retail
  • (1:47:18-2:19:56) Bruce from Washington Part 2
    • Last week’s guilt
    • London attack and terrorism
    • US making things worse
    • Alex Interlude
    • Internet Privacy
  • (2:21:17-2:55:16) Sam on Podcasts
    • Favorite podcasts with Alex help
    • The rest of the favorites on my own
    • News update podcasts


The Curmudgeon’s Corner theme music is generously provided by Ray Lynch.

Our intro is “The Oh of Pleasure” (Amazon MP3 link)

Our outro is “Celestial Soda Pop” (Amazon MP3 link)

Both are from the album “Deep Breakfast” (iTunes link)

Please buy his music and support his GoFundMe.

Snow Miley

Alex made a snow-Miley.

This is as close as Miley got to posing with her doppelgänger.

ALL the creatures were stirring

This season’s first snow

Very wet sticky snow. Just about an inch. It is supposed to all be gone in a few hours as things shift to rain, but Alex and I went out to play for a little while. Video of that will eventually of course be part of a video for his ALeXMXeLA channel… when I catch up in a year or two. :-)

Two Hobbits


Alex and I finished The Hobbit this weekend.

My dad and I finished it about 38 years ago.

This makes me very happy.

Fred Bear and Medusa


Alex was one of the Freddy variants from the Five Nights at Freddy’s series last night. Brandy made him a full costume, but he would only wear the head, and that was after much stress about it before he finally decided to head out with the head on.

He would wear the head in between houses, but always take it off when he got to a house, holding it in front of him upside down while Amy did the knocking on the door and saying “Trick or Treat”. People would put the candy in the head.

In between houses we got lots of people calling out “FREDDY!!” as we walked past.

It was a very rainy Halloween here, so we didn’t stay out too long, but it was a success overall. :-)

And Amy was Medusa.


Alex plays “Into the Multiverse”

The latest big epic to be posted on Alex’s YouTube channel is a play through of the six existing parts of “Into the Multiverse“, a community test chamber series for Portal 2. There are six parts. A seventh is promised, but isn’t out yet. The full play through is 7 hours, 34 minutes, and 56 seconds spanning 23 episodes on Alex’s channel. The original playing of the game was from April 14th to May 31st of this year. I’m a bit behind on getting things posted. :-)

Now, most people won’t watch the whole thing, but I encourage you to watch at least some of it and sample a few of the episodes.  A lot of it is Alex and I bickering over various things. :-)

The whole playlist is embedded above. If you hit play and stare at your computer for seven and a half hours, you will watch the whole thing. But it will start you at the beginning of Episode 1.

Alex is SEVEN!!

As this posts at September 12th at 9:20 UTC (2:20 AM Pacific, 5:20 AM Eastern), Alex will be exactly seven years old.


First of all, as is traditional, here is the birthday interview with Alex. Also as is traditional, he is fairly uncooperative. At least when talking to me. Once our dog Miley joins us, he talks to her a bit about the prospect of getting older. And yes, Alex is wearing my pants. The whole thing is about 12 minutes long. Sorry, I didn’t have time to edit at all this year, so it is straight off the phone. There isn’t any expectation that anyone but family will actually watch, and really, probably they won’t either. :-)

Now, my rundown of the last year’s goings on. As he gets older, I’m including less detail, and leaving out some things, as he’s starting to determine on his own what he wants to talk about online. But the main bits…

  • For Kindergarten Alex split the days. In the morning he would go to the Montessori where he had gone the previous couple of years. In the afternoons he would go to the local public elementary school. The idea was to give him time to get used to the public school before jumping in full time for 1st grade. I was dubious of this strategy at first, but I think it actually worked out well. Alex liked both schools, but by the end of the school year, he was clearly ready to move on and go to the elementary school full time.
  • Most of the time with these split days, Grandma Ruth would transport Alex from one school to the other in the middle of the day, and spend the afternoon with him after school. They would sometimes just play at her house or ours, but sometimes they would go on adventures to do various things together. Alex enjoyed this quite a bit.
  • Alex still plays Minecraft quite a lot, but his video game repertoire has increased. He has rediscovered Portal, Portal 2, and Portal 2 Community Test Chambers, all of which he had played when he was much younger, but now he is doing almost all of it himself, when he feels like it. His other favorites are Roblox, Terraria, and Castle Crashers. He also plays a bunch of other things though, and is willing to try new things.
  • He hasn’t watched a traditional TV show in many many months, and then only reluctantly. His media consumption is basically 100% YouTube. And 90% of that are his two favorites, Stampycat and DanTDM, rounded out by a smattering of other YouTubers.
  • Combining these two interests, at the end of February he launched his own YouTube channel (with a little help from Dad). You can find it at He spends hours each week producing content for the channel. His tagline is: “Elementary school by day, YouTube by Night.” Most of the videos are gaming videos, but he occasionally branches out and does content on plants, math, bikes, or other things he is interested in. He is slowly learning video editing skills to improve what he does. At the moment I am the bottleneck, as I am still watching them and pushing them out as I have time, which isn’t as often as I would like at the moment. As of this moment, there are 111 episodes on his channel…  but earlier tonight he finished recording the 270th episode. Doing the math, that means he is averaging making about 9.4 new videos each week but I am only posting 3.9 videos each week. Obviously something needs to change there… I am just way way horribly behind in getting them posted. Anyway, please go check it out, please watch his videos, and SUBSCRIBE. He has 25 subscribers right now, but has big plans for when he hits 100 subscribers!
  • Oh, he has a business card for his channel. If you don’t have one and want one, just let me know, I’ll get one to you.
  • Over the summer Alex went to a Taekwondo camp. He didn’t really seem to participate all that much, but he seemed to enjoy it and would come home talking about it. He also went to the YMCA for a couple weeks of the summer. He didn’t really like that at all. The Taekwondo camp usually had less than 10 kids. The Y probably had 50+. He was much happier with the smaller group. Within the first few days he had kids at the Taekwondo camp watching his videos and subscribing to his channel.
  • He loves his dog Miley and harasses her constantly. Most of the time she seems to appreciate it. If only he would be better at recognizing when she doesn’t…
  • He has plans to convert our house into some sort of store. I’m not sure exactly how that will work…
  • Before this year he was clearly reading, but also clearly did not really want to, and so would resist letting us know that he could read if he could avoid it. Sometime in the last year that snapped, and he started reminding us that he could read when we were silly enough to read something out loud to him. He still is not a particular fan of books (although he will read them with Grandma Ruth!), but he is reading things on screens constantly, as well as signs and instructions and the like. And he is no longer hiding it, but actually seems proud of it.
  • He is into coloring, not the kids kind, but the grown up coloring books that are all the rage now, with all sorts of detail and fancy patterns, using artist grade colored pencils of course. Pretty sure he thinks he is too good for crayons now. :-)
  • It has only been a few days, but he is a first grader now! That is just incredible. He’s at or above grade level in everything academically, although the social stuff is a bit of a struggle. That’ll be something to keep working on… but hey, I struggle with that to this day. :-)
  • He likes to help with gardening and plants and such.
  • He is growing fast. He is just huge. Well, I’m comparing to when he was two of course, but it seems like every time we turn around he is an inch or two taller. But I guess that comes with the territory of being seven. :-)
  • He makes up elaborate illustrated books telling stories about the family. Most of these have been “Mom and Amy Epic” and sequels to that. These follow Brandy and Amy as they go through adventures inside video games.

OK, as usual, I’m sure there is much more, but that is enough.

Happy birthday to Alex!

First Day of First Grade


First time taking a school bus to school too. Was not upset about school. Was very unhappy about having to ride the bus.