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May 2011

Video: Bellbrook Ohio Tennis Ball Size Hail


I think the most intense part was right about when this video starts.

The whole thing only lasted two minutes or so.

Hail in Bellbrook Ohio

Video uploading to YouTube now. It was pretty intense for a few minutes.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I

I am so way far horribly behind on reporting on books and movies and the like that I have seen or read. (I am also way behind on posting family photos and videos and the like.) For instance, on December 12th of last year, we went to see Harry Potter. So now I actually have a few minutes to do some of these posts.

So… well… I must admit I remember very little about this movie. I vaguely remember seeing it. A few snatches of a few scenes come back to me. But basically it wasn’t too particularly memorable. I’m pretty sure at the time I thought it was fine for a Harry Potter movie, and I’m sure I’ll go out and see the next and final one when it comes out in a few months.

So… typical Harry Potter fare. Fun little trip with magic and stuff. But still your typically disposable summer movie, not something you’ll really be wowed by and remember much of later. Or at least I didn’t. :-)

I’m remembering more bits and pieces now. Like the tent TARDIS. And multiple Potters. And such and like that.

Anyway. All this really proves is that if I’m going to do posts like this at all, I really should do them shortly after watching the movie or reading the book, not many months later.