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May 2011

Video: Bellbrook Ohio Tennis Ball Size Hail


I think the most intense part was right about when this video starts.

The whole thing only lasted two minutes or so.

6 comments to Video: Bellbrook Ohio Tennis Ball Size Hail

  • From Louis6321 via YouTube

    I think you mean Golf Ballп»ї Sized Hail. They’re not as big asп»ї tennis balls :\

    3 hours ago

  • From abulsme via YouTube

    No, closer to a Tennis Ball. Here is a picture. This was an average one from the event in the video. Maybe slightly less than a tennis ball, but a lot bigger than a golf ball. abulsme(dot)com/2011/05/25/hai l-in-bellbrook-ohio/

    1 sec ago

  • From TWfan87 via YouTube

    @Louis6321 i live right near where this video wasп»ї taken, i had hail the AT LEAST the size of tennis and baseballs, this video does not do this storm justice, much worse in person.

    1 hour ago

  • From Louis6321 via YouTube

    @abulsmeп»ї “Not Found – Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.”

    1 hour ago

  • From Louis6321 via YouTube

    @TWfan87 wowп»ї okay, cool :)

    1 hour ago

  • From abulsme via YouTube

    Stupid YouTube not allowing links in comments… they even add an invisible character so it gets messed up when you cut and paste and fix the (dot).

    Anyway, try this. Search “ Hail Bellbrook”п»ї on Google. It should be the first link.

    19 seconds ago

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