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June 2011

Mama Mia!

Released: 2008 Jun 30
Watched: 2011 Jan 2
Queue: Amy
Format: Blu-Ray

So it was Amy’s turn, and she’d gotten this movie for Christmas or her birthday or something. I forget. Anyway, this was actually the first (and actually only to date) movie we’ve actually watched on Blu-Ray. Anyway, this was her pick. My mom was visiting at the time, and the day before had actually married Brandy and I, so I guess watching this movie with Amy, Alex and my mom was kind of our honeymoon movie. Kinda? Maybe? No? OK.

Anyway, I’d seen the musical of this on Broadway years earlier. I think with my friend Kathy, although I don’t really remember for sure. The broadway version was corny but fun.

I think the same pretty much applies to the film version. Light hearted. Fun Abba songs. Nothing too serious. I’m thinking the play version might have been a bit better actually. But whatever. This is basically just a fun summer movie sort of thing (which we watched in the winter, but whatever).

Oh, and some of the greek scenery was really cool looking in full HD. That aspect of watching this as a Blu-Ray rather than in ED like you get on DVDs was indeed pretty cool. But I’ll be honest here, in most cases the difference doesn’t really matter that much. I’m not sure it is worth paying a lot more for unless it is something specifically all about the visuals. But it is certainly better quality than DVD and any streaming I’ve seen.

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