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August 2011

House Buying Update

Remember that house? I have neglected to post updates along the way, but everything went the way it was supposed to. Offer was accepted by both the sellers and their bank. (Well, the bank wanted slightly more than our offer, and we went up a tad… ends up being an extra $20 a month or something.) Inspection found no major issues. Appraisers appraised it for more than the mortgage. All loans and such approved. The last thing that seemed to have even a little uncertainty attached (and there never seemed to be much) was cleared over a week ago at this point. It has just been various people going through bureaucratic motions since then. A couple of hours ago we got a note from one of the bureaucrats saying the target was various document signings on Monday and Tuesday, with final closing on Wednesday.

If all goes according to plan, that means we’ll have the month of September overlapping between the new and old places so that we can spread the move out if we want and have plenty of time to do things in a non-rushed fashion.

Never the less… I hate moving. In the end we’ll be in a better, bigger house… for less money! It will be nice, even though I will miss the old place too. But the moving itself. ARRGHHH!

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