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Curmudgeon’s Corner: 2013 Predictions Show

In the latest Curmudgeon’s Corner Sam and Ivan talk about:

  • 2013 Politics
  • 2013 Economy
  • 2013 Tech
  • 2013 Other

Recorded on 8 Jan 2013

Length this week – 1:39:16

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@abulsme tweets from 2013-01-11 (UTC)

  • Been feeling not great the last week or so. Big turn for the worse in the last two hours. Bleh. :-( 04:51:13
  • [Abulpost] Cinema: Tron Legacy: Released: 2010 Dec 17 Watched: 2011 Jan 23 Hey, I'm not quite two years … 07:19:55
  • RT @Atrios: i taught econ for several years. and, yes, the concept of money creation makes peoples' brains freeze 08:21:29
  • [Abulpost] Seven Years in the Jungle: I missed noting the anniversary the last couple of years, but as o… 10:12:02
  • Reading – A Binder for Obama (Joshua E. Keating) 16:52:58
  • Reading – Spamhaus CEO Linford Clarifies Retail Email Position (Magill Report) 16:59:21
  • RT @mattyglesias: Instead of minting the coin and sterilizing it, can Bernanke just “forgive” $1 trillion of Fed-owned debt? 17:09:18
  • Reading – Next-Generation iPad and iPad Mini Rumored for March Launch (Eric Slivka) 17:14:02
  • Reading – The Wild Origins Of The Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin (Brian Beutler) 21:20:16
  • Working from home today because I feel like crap. Not getting a huge amount done because I feel like crap. 21:22:14
  • Last night was hit was massive sore throat and that kind of stuff. Today that is gone, lower abdominal pain instead. On pain killers. Bleh. 21:23:41
  • I’ve finished the amount of work I consider the minimum to not call it a half-day. Considering giving up on being productive now. #sicksucks 22:05:47