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@abulsme tweets from 2013-01-14 (UTC)

  • Reading – Flowchart: Gandalf problem solving (Nathan Yau) 13:19:54
  • Reading – The bombing of Mali highlights all the lessons of western intervention (Glen Greenwald) 14:12:21
  • Reading – When your house is burning down, you should brush your teeth (The Oatmeal) 14:22:04
  • Alex woke up, ran to get me, and spent ten minutes hugging me and telling me about his bad dream. 14:56:39
  • There were ant people who chased him, broke his eyes and set his train tracks on fire and were going to his preschool. 14:57:43
  • But he got the hose and put the fire out. But the ant man was still trying to get him. He needed Daddy to save him, so he came and got me. 14:58:53
  • So now we are sitting on the bed cuddled up while he watches train videos on YouTube and I eat crackers. He doesn’t want any crackers. 15:00:29
  • There was more. Mommy had fallen down. His “new friends” from preschool were doing something and being bad. And more. 15:08:20
  • Capturing the essence of ten minutes of a 3 yr olds stream of conscience is hard. :-). A pretty great way to start the day though. 15:11:13
  • He has joined me in the crackers now. 15:13:24
  • Reading – The Inevitability of Global Warming and the Need for Resilience: Part I (Cliff Mass) 15:35:35
  • Reading – Reince Priebus: GOP’s Electoral Vote Split Scheme Would Give More “Local Control” (David Weigel) 15:53:10
  • Exploring -> The Scale of the Universe 2 (Cary and Michael Huang) 16:56:20
  • Reading – Why You Can't Cry in Space (Megan Garber) 20:07:00
  • So, since Fed said they wouldn't accept a $T coin, could treasury still mint many smaller denim Plat coins & use them directly to pay bills? 20:09:35
  • Failing any sort of fun with coins, could Pres sell off assets? Would Russia buy back Alaska for instance? Or would that need Cong? :-) 20:11:11
  • Uh, smaller denom plat coins, not denim. Although that would be interesting. 20:30:12
  • Reading – The Largest Structure Ever Observed in the Universe (Rebecca J. Rosen) 21:37:11
  • Reading – Maybe the ‘blister’ of GOP opposition really will get popped (Jonathan Bernstein) 22:46:26
  • Not Alaska? MT @brendanloy: Heh. RT @felixsalmon: RT @ObsoleteDogma: Forget #MintTheCoin It's time to #PawnTheMountain” 23:30:41