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@abulsme tweets from 2013-07-03 (UTC)

  • RT @JonathanLKrohn: RT @Alastair_Beach: Cairo University is a battleground right now 00:05:42
  • RT @tomwatson: Can @WikiLeaks please post a photo of Edward #Snowden holding a newspaper with today's date on it? Thanks! 00:22:46
  • RT @chrislhayes: Think, for a moment, about US reaction if another set of countries forced Air Force 1 to turn around. #inners 00:27:59
  • RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: Glenn Greenwald says on MSNBC Snowden's Wikileaks statement sounded like it was "flavored with some person who isn't Ed… 00:29:00
  • RT @abumuqawama: I hope they don't just use droids to scan Morales's plane for Snowden. Evo and his trusty co-pilot Chewie also have smuggl… 00:48:45
  • RT @KimJongNumberUn: STOP TEXTING ME SNOWDEN 02:07:05
  • Messier by the hour -> Reading – Morsi vows fight to death as Muslim Brotherhood prepares to defend (Youssef/Ismail) 02:15:27
  • RT @carr2n: If you want advice on how remain a free man, 1st stop prolly should not be someone trapped in an embassy. 02:18:42
  • RT @kevinmitnick: Spanish authorities requested permission to search President Morales’ plane as a condition of transiting through the coun… 06:35:50
  • RT @kevinmitnick: Everyone has gone insane. The head of state and his plane have total immunity. This level of impunity is unprecedented,” … 06:35:55
  • RT @wikileaks: Ecuador has requested an emergency meeting of UNASUR Heads of State over Morales-Snowden flight blockade #snowden 06:36:15
  • RT @kevinmitnick: That was a quote from the President of Argentina. Looks like Obama stuck his hand in a hornet's nest. 06:40:41
  • Essential Guardian Liveblog of Bolivian Plane Saga – > 06:48:50
  • If 20% of what seems to have happened with this plane flight is true, US handling of situation incredibly inept. 06:54:09
  • If Snowden WAS making an escape on the official state plane of a head of state… YOU LET HIM GO. Deal with it diplomatically later. Duh. 06:55:11
  • Diverting the plane would result in a huge mess, Snowden on the plane or not. Not worth it. 06:58:24
  • Unless maybe they think he has another big load of even more damaging info to drop. Then maybe… but even then, probably not. 06:59:19
  • Son Alex (3 yrs) really into Portal lately. Tonight asked for a turret shirt. Can't find in kid's sizes. :( You listening @steam_games? :) 07:06:49
  • Reading – Morsi Hides Behind Obama (Andrew Sullivan) 15:28:40
  • Reading – There's No Need to Panic Over the Obamacare Mandate Delay (Kevin Drum) 15:30:57
  • RT @ibnezra: Tahrir Square. Right Now. Massive and growing. 16:08:38
  • Reading – Statement from the foreign affairs assistant to President Morsi (via Shadowland) 16:11:21
  • RT @gerrycanavan: Military coup in Egypt. Damn. 16:11:34
  • @NewsweekPak: Message from President Morsi to #Egypt: Resist the military coup peacefully. 16:14:48
  • RT @SultanAlQassemi: Military Source: Defence Miinster El Sissi will deliver army address personally following meeting with political force… 16:15:11
  • RT @robertwrighter: So one of the sunnier scenarios is that Egypt now follows the (old) Turkish model for awhile? Democracy w occasional ar… 16:15:26
  • Will set Tivo to record occasionally alongside BBC MT @MatthewKeysLive: Al Jazeera America gets Aug 20 launch date – 16:17:31
  • "American" Cable News Networks mostly useless at this point, with exception of a handful of shows. 16:18:38
  • They (US Cable News Nets) generally aren't even worth bothering with for breaking news any more. Tis a shame. 16:19:31
  • RT @sharifkouddous: Whatever the military decides, the situation is such that one side will explode in anger. Violence is imminent. #Egypt 16:19:56
  • RT @daveweigel: Hey, Egypt, we kind of screwed up our first post-revolutionary gov't, too, with the Articles of Confederation. It Gets Bett… 16:20:17
  • Reading – Clapper: I gave ‘erroneous’ answer because I forgot about Patriot Act (Spencer Ackerman) 19:19:51
  • Reading – American Freedom and Egypt's Coup (Kori Schake) 19:30:18
  • RT @MattMcBradley: #Morsi asks Egyptians not to fight because it "would really hurt me if anyone died" #egypt #June30 19:56:11
  • RT @Beltrew: #Morsi's @egypresidency still tweeting,calls "civilians& military 2uphold the law &Constitution,not 2accept coup that turns #E… 19:56:37
  • RT @MattMcBradley: Morsi is now delivering a speech over speakers to Raba'a Al Adawiya Square. He says that the revolution has been stolen … 19:56:54
  • RT @jay_ulfelder: Here's text of Foreign Assistance Act requiring US gov to cut military aid to countries after a coup:… 19:57:43
  • RT @nycjim: Fireworks in #Tahrir Squre. Great image by Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Reuters. 19:58:59
  • RT @RawahBadrawi: @iyad_elbaghdadi Militarily-concluded popular revolution against a repressive democratically elected regime? 19:59:16
  • RT @EgyPresidency: Pres. Morsy urges everyone to adhere to peacefulness and avoid shedding blood of fellow countrymen. 19:59:50
  • My news input at the moment: Twitter + Steaming Al Jazeera English 20:03:08
  • RT @Carina_bn: Judge Adly Mansour will swear oath tomorrow in front of general assembly of of supreme constitutional court
    #Egypt 20:11:18
  • RT @DanHannanMEP: A military coup is never a thing to celebrate. Ever. The generals have run Egypt since the 1952 coup, and look at the mes… 20:12:22
  • RT @nprscottsimon: Two questions today: Is holding free elections until they choose whomever the Egyptian military wants a real democracy?- 20:21:32
  • RT @nprscottsimon: And: Will overthrowing Morsy make Islamic parties more lucid ready to accept democratic results? 20:21:47
  • Reading – First-ever human head transplant is now possible, says neuroscientist (Christopher Mims) 20:26:15
  • Reference point. RT @LegInsurrection: Morsi won 51.73%-48.27%, Obama 51.1%-47.2% 20:29:04
  • RT @BlogsofWar: So how many people are assembling in conference rooms in DC right now to dream up alternative names for a coup? 20:29:52
  • RT @jbarro: Are we seriously talking about calling this Egypt happening something other than a "coup"? You can like a coup, but it's still … 20:30:05
  • RT @tejucole: "Hope this one will be a good coup" is a pretty accurate summary of my childhood in Nigeria. Over and over again. It never wa… 20:32:17
  • Ra Ra! – Reading – Lockdown (Marco Arment) 20:47:04

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