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Eventful 5th (UTC)


(Picture by Amy)

As we usually do, we went to the Bellevue Family Fourth.


This time my mom joined us.


Alex was ready for fireworks.


If only they weren’t so loud!


Pretty though.


Then after the fireworks, while driving home, Amy saw a loose dog running in the road. A 30 minute pursuit followed, first in the car, then on foot, first on big roads with plenty of traffic, then onto a small residential street. Toward the end we were joined by the people in a second car. After much skittishness and running, the dog finally climbed into Amy’s car. It had no collar or tags. We ended up taking it to a 24 hour vet recommended by the people at the non-emergency police line. They confirmed it had no chip identifying it either. For now they are keeping it, and it will be on all the appropriate lists of missing pets in the morning if the owners call in for it. We’ll check in on her too to make sure her people find her. (Roscoe would NOT have been pleased if we had brought her home. :-) )


In the morning, I assembled the weekly podcast, sometimes with Alex’s help.

After that, we went out for some late breakfast, then headed to my office. The first stop was the cafe area, where Amy and Alex immediately found Lego…


This was good, because the original plan to look down from the 9th and 11th floors at construction underway didn’t work out, because apparently the construction folks had the 5th off…


The Lego building lasted a long time…


As the 5th ended, Amy and Alex were still playing with Lego.

The usual adventure of train riding was still yet to come.

@abulsme tweets from 2013-07-05 (UTC)

  • Rescued a loose dog on the way back from fireworks. No collar. Taking to a 24 hour vet place police recommended. Tiny dog. Roscoe would eat. 06:58:11
  • Dog delivered to 24 hour vet. No chip. She will be on various lost pet lists tomorrow if owner calls the normal places to try to find her. 07:20:58
  • We will of course also call to check on her too to make sure she gets claimed. 07:22:44
  • It was a chihuahua. 07:24:01
  • A very scared chihuahua. Fireworks scary. Roads scary. Cars scary. People you don’t know chasing you scary. 07:25:06
  • Eventually caught her after routing her onto smaller residential road, surrounding her so she couldn’t easily run away from where we were. 07:27:00
  • Then she hid under Amy’s car. We opened car door. Eventually she just jumped in car. Hid where feet go. Eventually let Brandy hold her. 07:30:36
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  • I promised Alex on Monday that today instead of pre-school, we would drop by my office, then go ride the trains downtown. #FunDay! 16:03:41
  • First putting together the podcast though. Everybody else in house still asleep. Got home from fireworks pretty late. 16:04:27
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