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@abulsme tweets from 2013-07-05 (UTC)

  • Rescued a loose dog on the way back from fireworks. No collar. Taking to a 24 hour vet place police recommended. Tiny dog. Roscoe would eat. 06:58:11
  • Dog delivered to 24 hour vet. No chip. She will be on various lost pet lists tomorrow if owner calls the normal places to try to find her. 07:20:58
  • We will of course also call to check on her too to make sure she gets claimed. 07:22:44
  • It was a chihuahua. 07:24:01
  • A very scared chihuahua. Fireworks scary. Roads scary. Cars scary. People you don’t know chasing you scary. 07:25:06
  • Eventually caught her after routing her onto smaller residential road, surrounding her so she couldn’t easily run away from where we were. 07:27:00
  • Then she hid under Amy’s car. We opened car door. Eventually she just jumped in car. Hid where feet go. Eventually let Brandy hold her. 07:30:36
  • Reading – RГ©sumГ© Shows Snowden Honed Hacking Skills (Drew/Shane) 15:18:51
  • I promised Alex on Monday that today instead of pre-school, we would drop by my office, then go ride the trains downtown. #FunDay! 16:03:41
  • First putting together the podcast though. Everybody else in house still asleep. Got home from fireworks pretty late. 16:04:27
  • Reading – Spain 'told Edward Snowden was on Bolivia president's plane' (BBC) 16:28:11
  • Reading – US Amb to Austria Reportedly Responsible 4 Claim Snowden Was on Bolivian’s Plane (Kevin Gosztola) 16:33:26
  • Reading – ‘Over My Dead Body:’ Morsi Was Isolated But Defiant In Last Days (Hendawi/Michael) 17:24:47
  • RT @BlogsofWar: I'd hate to be the guy simultaneously annoying the hell out of Vladimir Putin while also being completely dependent on him … 17:34:51
  • Reading – Kremlin Has No Idea If Former Spy Chapman’s Marriage Proposal To Edward Snowden Is Serious (Adam Taylor) 18:00:55
  • I just got up to 49 in #DoodleJump for iPad!!! Beat that!srfws 18:39:35
  • [Abulpost] Curmudgeon's Corner: Smarter and Wiser:

    In the latest Curmudgeon's Corner Sam and Ivan … 19:46:44

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