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@abulsme tweets from 2013-07-23 (UTC)

  • RT @jayrosen_nyu: One lesson that absolutely applies to both Andrew Sullivan and Nate Silver. Develop your own domain name and don't sell i… 02:44:19
  • What, they didn't highlight Curmudgeon's Corner? -> Apple celebrates 1 billion podcast subscriptions (Zachary Lutz) 04:21:25
  • RT @AlexMinter1: I feel like the first gay president is going to be a bigger deal than the first black president was 04:27:24
  • .@AlexMinter1 Buchanan But you may be right on the NEXT one. :-) in reply to AlexMinter1 04:28:16
  • You were like 30 seconds late. Maybe. :-) RT @BYUfan: @abulsme I may be a few minutes late. 05:49:11
  • This week’s Curmudgeon’s Corner with guest co-host @BYUfan is all done and recorded. Out later in the week as usual. :-) 05:51:47
  • Just got yelled at by neighbor 4 talking at a normal volume in our driveway while setting up telescope Alex asked to use. That was fun. 06:20:17
  • No screaming or loud music I understand, but just a conversation in front of our house? Really? Bah humbug. Makes me want to be louder. 06:24:56
  • We won’t be of course. But we did finish, and Alex got to look at the moon through the telescope as he had requested. 06:26:37
  • Will never get used to fact so much of this neighborhood is trying to sleep even at 10 when it is barely dark. I understand it is normal… 06:29:07
  • But it is very odd to me. Alex (3 yr) and I are often walking the dog around 11 PM. Whole family generally only starts winding down near 12. 06:31:34
  • I know that makes US the oddballs but still. We were only talking. Not yelling. Not making racket. Suppose we should have been whispering. 06:34:07
  • So should we be leaving a note apologizing for disturbing them? Even though we think they we being kind of unreasonable? 06:39:10
  • Or should we ignore it (not the first time we have bumped heads with them, maybe every 6 mo) letting the beginnings of a family feud fester? 06:40:58
  • I do acknowledge the possibility that we were louder than we thought we were. We spoke normally, but our normal voices not quite subdued. :) 06:42:17
  • And it WAS 11:15 PM or so, which while still prime time for us, I realize is late for some others. Presumably including these neighbors. 06:45:30
  • I should add that when they yelled out window for us to shut up, Brandy’s response was not exactly polite either. :-). So Twitter, thoughts? 06:49:10
  • upstart from our macaron light us had by where that navalnys may for in and son the salsa royal be 07:38:44
  • RT @imbou: @abulsme just let it go, it's like you don't have nice neighbors, they could have been polite to you. 17:05:37
  • .@imbou Lot it go like apologize? Or let it go like ignore. (Wasn't planning on intentionally aggravating them. :-) ) in reply to imbou 17:06:22
  • .@imbou For the record, I wanted to leave a conciliatory note and make nice with them, but was overruled by the two women in the house. in reply to imbou 17:07:27
  • .@imbou I also had completely forgotten about the whole thing by the time I woke up, until I saw your tweet. :-) in reply to imbou 17:09:31
  • Yup -> Reading – Instrument Controls (Josh Marshall) 17:51:21
  • Reading – Anarchists of the House (Jonathan Chait) 18:30:48
  • Reading – Google Reader Died Because No One Would Run It (Matthew Lynley) 19:08:21
  • Reading – How Porn Lost The Internet (Herrman/Warzel) 19:51:44
  • RT @jeffjarvis: Note well that opposition to NSA abuse is happening ONLY because of Snowden, @ggreenwald, the Guardian. That is journalism.… 20:07:00
  • RT @bjmartino: Sad image: Lonely Wiener staffer wipes white board and writes a zero under "Number of days since last sex scandal:" 20:10:07
  • Reading – The Defuser-In-Chief (Andrew Sullivan) 20:16:00
  • Reading – Germany backs away from claims NSA program thwarted five attacks (Matthew Schofield) 20:24:21
  • Reading – Obama's Race Remarks (Michael Tomasky) 20:31:30
  • Reading – German Intelligence Agencies Used NSA Spying Program (Spiegel Online) 20:34:21
  • Watching – Official Trailer from Comic Con | COSMOS (Kolyanovka) 20:40:11
  • Reading – After Morsi’s ouster, Egypt’s old guard is back — and Muslim Brotherhood is out (Abigail Hauslohner) 20:48:35
  • Reading – Google starts sending adverts as emails to Gmail users (Matthew Humphries) 20:52:12
  • Reading – Mustering Optimism for Kerry's Middle East Peace Talks (Heather Hurlburt) 21:40:18
  • RT @laurenweinstein: Wanna see the clip of Sen. Elizabeth Warren ripping CNBC, that NBC got pulled off YouTube today? Here ya' go! – http:/… 21:58:27
  • Don't boat and tweet! :-) @BYUfan: .@abulsme I was on my boat pulling my son wakeboarding when I tweeted that. 23:49:07

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