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September 2013

@abulsme tweets from 2013-09-19 (UTC)

  • My fitbit #Fitstats for 9/18/2013: 7,471 steps and 5.5 km traveled. 01:02:10
  • Reading – iOS 7 review (Rene Ritchie) 07:00:30
  • Reading – How ‘Cord Never’ Generation Poses Sales Drag for Pay TV (Ian King) 07:21:47
  • Reading – Iran’s Rouhani: Not Seeking the Bomb, Willing to show Flexibility (Juan Cole) 07:26:18
  • Reading – Today in Conservative Obamacare Self-Delusion (Jonathan Chait) 14:38:46
  • Reading – TIME Talks to Google CEO Larry Page About Its New Venture to Extend Human Life (Time) 14:53:17
  • Reading – Google Rolls Out New Navigation Interface (Alex Chitu) 14:57:57
  • Reading – SEX AND POLITICS AT GOOGLE: It's A Game Of Thrones In Mountain View (Nicholas Carlson) 15:49:51
  • Reading – A Few Tricks All The New iOS 7 Users Should Know (Greg Kumparak) 18:59:29
  • Reading – Review: iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s (Jim Dalrymple) 19:12:51
  • Reading – McCain’s Audience Wasn’t in Russia (Daniel Larison) 19:17:45
  • Reading – 21 People Who Were Completely Blindsided By iOS 7 (Charlie Warzel) 19:27:49
  • Reading – Pocket Casts adds iPad, iOS 7 support, all new design, great new features (Rene Ritchie) 21:58:50
  • Reading – GOP leaders postpone the inevitable reckoning (Greg Sargent) 22:04:32
  • Reading – Jony Ive: The man behind Apple's magic curtain (Marco della Cava) 22:22:08
  • Reading – First ever Doctor Who scene filmed fifty years ago today (James Gill) 22:28:53
  • My NotationalVelocity (Mac) / SimpleNote (iOS) combo has last data too many times now to continue. Anyone have thoughts on alternatives? 22:57:34
  • One note I was looking for was not present at all on either Mac, my iPhone had a copy from June, my iPad a copy from early August. 22:58:44
  • Pretty sure I made changes in late Aug that are lost. Even if not, it should be the same version everywhere. Not missing or old. 23:00:34
  • If all four places showed same Aug version, I would think maybe that was really the last edit. Missing copies and June copy make me doubt. 23:01:23
  • Anyway, suggestions for alternatives welcome. Not the first data loss. I use this all the time and need the functionality. But reliable. 23:02:23
  • I've never liked Evernote the times I have tried it, but maybe I will give it another shot… not quite what I want, but… 23:05:25
  • What I really want is: Text only notes (don't need rich text / pics / etc), Good syncing between devices (Mac/iOS), good full text search. 23:10:29

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