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@abulsme tweets from 2013-10-12 (UTC)

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  • My fitbit #Fitstats for 10/11/2013: 5,016 steps and 3.7 km traveled. 04:02:03
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  • OK, been playing with the poll display. New stuff only works on Safari and Firefox at the moment. Breaks in Chrome or IE. Which is a bummer. 11:00:00
  • It took long enough messing with stuff & Googling to get it working in Safari & FF! (And any real Webdev would be appalled at the code.) 11:02:04
  • Anyway, anybody on Safari/FF got an opinion? Which display do you like better? A) or B) ? 11:04:52
  • B is of course the new one that uses really funky stuff I googled to do the vertical text and doesn't work well on Chrome and IE. 11:05:53
  • Well, Chrome is almost passible (almost), but IE isn't even close. 11:06:44
  • I kinda like B, but it has some downsides, even besides the browser stuff. (I can always make some browsers fall back to A if I need to.) 11:08:23
  • I'll probably end up providing both as options, but which should be the default? Anybody got an opinion? 11:10:27
  • Don't think I will be getting B working in IE & Chrome. I'd love to, but probably beyond my skill. Pure blind luck I got it working at all. 11:18:06
  • Anyway, thinking I should probably be done for the night now… 11:18:52
  • RT @bob_kuszewski: @abulsme How about a version of your predictions where the size of the label is proportional to the number of electoral … 17:50:00
  • .@bob_kuszewski Thought about that. Problem is it would make it very wide (or tall) or have lots of slices too narrow for readable text. in reply to bob_kuszewski 17:52:19
  • .@bob_kuszewski You could do a diagram, & then just point labels at the appropriate parts, but I think that would be much harder. Too hard? in reply to bob_kuszewski 17:53:56
  • .@bob_kuszewski Of course, now you have me thinking about ways to try to do it…. Arghhh! :-) in reply to bob_kuszewski 18:06:41