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@abulsme tweets from 2014-06-14 (UTC)

  • Shoulda tweeted earlier, but… Live on my webcam right now: guy replacing cracked windshield on my car! 00:27:36
  • He's actually already been at it about 30-40 minutes. Old windshield already off. 00:29:27
  • Reading – Hillary Clinton Warns Against U.S. Intervention In Iraq (Ruby Cramer) 01:27:25
  • Windshield all done. No more show. 02:20:57
  • Just switched to a diff audio player for the podcast. Only the last ep, not the old ones. Tell me what you think. 02:33:49
  • Crap, it did mess up the older podcasts. I thought I’d avoided that. Sigh. Let me see if I can fix. 02:36:47
  • OK, fixed all the podcast posts back to 2012-04-15 to use the new podcast player. Before that there are different players, but they work. 03:01:51
  • Of course, I just realized that audio player plugin doesn't have a non-flash fallback, so doesn't work on iOS. Too bad, I liked it. :-/ 03:31:29
  • Turns out when messing with the audio player screwed up the old posts in a way that limits me from switching to a new player again easily. 04:14:25
  • Which means I may be restoring from a backup from a little before I started futzing. 04:15:17
  • But then I figured, if I’m going to do that anyway, maybe it is time to finally move the main part of my site to my new host. 04:15:48
  • I’ve been putting it off and putting it off. Maybe it is time. So I guess I will begin… Gulp. 04:16:20
  • Of course, starting to move my stuff has temporarily broken my poll analysis and some other things that were already on the new server. Joy. 06:10:51
  • Reading – Why The Spectacular Success of ISIS Will Be Its Eventual Undoing (John Little) 06:24:45
  • My files are still moving between servers, but I fixed the poll site. Woo? 07:47:44
  • Reading – Two Arab countries fall apart (The Economist) 18:02:35