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Of course, as soon as Alex left for school…

…the true owner of the bed took over.


I was working from home today and went looking for Roscoe when I realized that even though he usually stays with me when I stay home, I hadn’t seen him in a couple hours. Found him fast asleep in Alex’s bed. He woke up and started looking guilty when I got close in order to take the picture.

Guess who slept the night in his OWN bed?


I think this may well be the first time since he was in a crib. Usually he sleeps with us. Even if we put him in his bed, he generally wakes up and joins us partway through the night. Last night he fell asleep on the couch, I put him in his own bed, and he was still there sound asleep when it was time to wake him for school in the morning.

I kinda missed him though. There is only so long little boys will cuddle with their daddies, and I’m in no hurry what so ever to have those days end. :-)

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