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@abulsme tweets from 2015-01-21 (UTC)

  • 01:49:59 Retweeted @TonyRomm 01:48:25 White House publishes SOTU text on medium, apparently says who needs an embargo:
  • 01:52:02 The #SOTU is about to start. I am sure I am going to hear yelling and screaming from the neighbors, just like I did on Sunday, right?
  • 02:04:21 I have the speech up in a window to read along. I may even read ahead a little.. :-)
  • 02:05:49 As I say at every #SOTU, I wish they would stop with the “people in the audience” theatrics. It really doesn’t add anything.
  • 02:07:18 And here we go… well, after the however long it takes to walk to the front… #SOTU
  • 02:12:10 Here goes. Is everyone EXCITED? :-) [These things are usually so useless…]
  • 02:13:38 I’ll vote for any president who will tell them all to hold their applause to the end. #SOTU
  • 02:15:48 The streaming I am using for #SOTU keeps breaking up. Bleh.
  • 02:24:29 Friday night pizza was NOT in the prepared remarks! Hmm, pizza… #SOTU
  • 02:27:53 Would b fun #SOTU if after “state of the union is good” he just said “and now I have this stack of executive orders 2 sign, screw congress.”
  • 02:32:55 The whole #FreeCommunityCollege thing made a lot more sense when I realized it was a #SOTU preview… these are almost always just trolling.
  • 02:33:40 Releasing #SOTU proposals slowly over the last couple weeks very smart though. Much more attention than just as part of a list tonight.
  • 02:36:06 I don’t hear screaming from the neighbors, but I do hear a siren… #SOTU
  • 02:39:27 Retweeted @natsecHeather 02:39:18 Note that trade agreements framed as "protecting American workers" from China. WH has been reading @pewresearch polling.
  • 02:41:31 It is normal that #SOTU is mostly posturing & few proposals with chance of being real, but very little reaching across the isle here at all.
  • 02:44:03 Most of this #SOTU is proposing things that sound good (some may be, but that’s not important), then expecting R’s to look bad by opposing.
  • 02:45:54 I missed it… who is the designated Cabinet survivor tonight? Usually people make a point of mentioning that. #SOTU
  • 02:47:54 Asking for an AUMF is nice, but a little meaningless unless it goes along with belief and reality that Pres can’t act without it.
  • 02:48:51 I sometimes forget to say #SOTU. Oops.
  • 02:51:11 Veto veto veto! Veto everything! #SOTU
  • 02:52:26 Anti-cyberthreat legislation very dangerous. Quite likely to be worse than the problem it tries to fix. Be wary! #SOTU
  • 02:58:37 GTMO was never the problem, it was treatment of prisoners, indefinite detention, etc. GTMO itself is a distraction. #SOTU
  • 03:00:02 Quoting the 2004 Convention speech. Too bad that vision didn’t work out. It’s what a lot of folks voted for. #SOTU
  • 03:02:27 He can believe in unity all he wants, doesn’t make it true. Unfortunately. Cause there IS common ground. But too few want to go there. #SOTU
  • 03:05:56 Lots of time on this 2004 unity theme. Should save this for farewell address in 2017. No changes on this coming, will all be the same. #SOTU
  • 03:07:49 Applause for no more campaigns. Then snappy comeback. Nice. #SOTU
  • 03:08:40 Retweeted @Green_Footballs 03:08:29 "I have no more campaigns to run" = "I have no more fucks left to give"
  • 03:09:03 Retweeted @natsecHeather 03:08:53 Perhaps u forgot Obama actually IS really good at politics.Ad-libbing "cause I won both of them" when GOP cheered "I have no more campaigns"
  • 03:10:00 Retweeted @m67smith 03:09:53 "I know, cause I won both of them" best off the cuff comeback in a presidential speech ever?
  • 03:10:58 And that is that. #SOTU
  • 03:12:25 Retweeted @ppppolls 03:12:14 We found over the weekend by a 50/29 spread that ppl think Punxsutawney Phil would do a better job than 'most current members of Congress'
  • 03:13:46 Retweeted @mmurraypolitics 03:13:32 @chucktodd makes a good point: Obama's SOTU sure sounded like a farewell/valedictory speech b/c 2016 presidential race is coming
  • 03:18:44 The #SOTU will of course be a topic on the next Curmudgeon’s Corner podcast with me and @ivanbou later this week.
  • 03:22:25 There are many reasons “this Obama” hasn’t been visible last 6 yrs, but I think that was a strategic misjudgment. People like this O. #SOTU
  • 03:23:26 Can we get on with the R response already? I’m ready to move on. :-) #SOTU
  • 03:33:36 Reminder that the oppo party has to write their speech before they see #SOTU. One reason it always sucks. Disconnected from previous speech.
  • 03:34:58 Retweeted @pareene 03:33:56 never agree to do the response ever
  • 03:35:23 Retweeted @natsecHeather 03:35:02 One of the first times I appeared on FOX, a commenter said I looked like "a Stepford wife." I now see what the person meant.
  • 03:36:53 Ernst really did do a pretty dead delivery. I’m sure she does better in other venues, right? The response is just always bad news. #SOTU
  • 03:37:18 Retweeted @drgrist 03:37:01 Well, that was terrible, but it wasn’t quirky terrible or gaffe-y terrible, so it will likely be forgotten, entirely and instantly. #ernst
  • 03:37:36 Retweeted @natsecHeather 03:36:10 "thank you for allowing me to speak with you tonight?" I kinda want to hug her and get her some assertiveness counseling.
  • 03:37:44 Retweeted @TheBarnesology 03:35:15 I’ve not heard a WORD #JoniErnst has said because she’s an SNL skit in the making.
  • 03:40:40 Retweeted @SuzanneNossel 02:41:07 Will the internet that reaches every classroom include surveillance capabilities that feed every pupil's data back to the NSA? #SOTU
  • 03:47:56 On “I’m not a scientist but I know some” bit, it was good. Debate should be on what (if anything!) to do, not on if GW is happening. #SOTU
  • 03:48:29 Retweeted @costareports 03:47:32 Why Ernst? Insiders say top Rs didn't want to play favorites w/ 2016ers, didn't want to do it themselves (Lott, others have done so in past)
  • 03:51:56 Retweeted @wilw 03:51:37 So we're just ignoring that POTUS didn't even *mention* what he's doing to prevent the human/animal hybrids that Bush warned us about. #SOTU
  • 03:55:12 OK, done with #SOTU stuff. Time to do other things for the rest of the evening…
  • 04:35:19 Retweeted @dccommonsense 04:23:58 Why all this attention to the SOTU OR the GOP response? C'mon folks…this is all positioning for 2016.This translates into nothing tangible
  • 04:39:44 Retweeted @petersuderman 04:35:10 CNN has Ben Carson and Bernie Sanders on right now to discuss SOTU, which is a sign it's time to turn off the TV and go to bed.
  • 05:01:47 To answer my previous question about the #SOTU designated survivor: Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx
  • 07:00:40 Retweeted @PlanetaryKeri 06:09:28 OMFSM XKCD MADE A @NASA_Dawn CERES COMIC *spazzes*
  • 07:01:33 Retweeted @nycsouthpaw 06:14:04 Think different. RT @mmcauliff: Wow. The press gallery over the House floor for #SOTU looks like a damn Apple ad. in reply to mmcauliff
  • 14:24:40 Reading – Biden: ‘Yes, There’s a Chance’ I’ll Challenge Hillary
    ‘Wide Open on Both Sides’ (Daniel Halper)
  • 14:25:21 Retweeted @kairyssdal 12:41:34 Things that are not valuable at all: asking a Democrat and then a Republican what they thought of a president's (any president's) SOTU.

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