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@abulsme tweets from 2015-04-07 (UTC)

  • 01:06:19 Just from seeing people experiment with this new comment/retweet thing on Twitter I know it will lower my engagement & annoy me. #curmudgeon
  • 16:15:10 Retweeted @BenjySarlin 16:13:36 Paul event could not be more different than Cruz. Cruz was entirely about firing up social cons, Paul is 1000% about outreach outside GOP
  • 16:54:04 Second Major into the mix! I’m missing the Rand Paul announcement live cause things, but looking forward to highlights after the fact.
  • 17:03:42 Retweeted @mcpli 16:45:08 Oh, wait. Here's the ethnicity breakdown.
  • 18:37:37 Hate it when a podcast I am listening to says "Hey Siri" and Siri opens and stops the podcast… :-/

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