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@ElecCollPolls tweets from 2015-04-01 (UTC)

@abulsme tweets from 2015-04-01 (UTC)

  • 00:06:15 It is after 0000 UTC, so happy April Fool's! Enjoy all the not funny "jokes" coming over the next day or so! (And maybe 1 or 2 good ones.)
  • 06:35:52 New polls from @QuinnipiacPoll, @GravisMarketing, & @SaintLeoPolls in FL, OH, PA, & NV. Details at & @ElecCollPolls.
  • 08:41:50 [Abulpost] Electoral College: Four moves toward blue, one toward red
  • 08:59:04 In case it wasn’t obvious, the big poll dump took priority over doing the family picture post tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Or this weekend. :-)
  • 09:00:01 And now, I have to be up in about three hours to get ready to drive to work for a morning meeting, so I’d better go to bed. ZZZzzz…
  • 13:00:32 Retweeted @TimClarePoet 07:53:57 I love April 1st. One morning a year, all of Britain comes together in critically evaluating news articles before accepting them as true.