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December 2015

@abulsme tweets from 2015-12-20 (UTC)

  • 00:48:05 I’ll be listening to audio of D debate but multitasking, so unclear how much of my attention will be focused on it. Some tweets 4 sure. :-)
  • 01:05:09 Retweeted @pastfrontrunner 2015-12-19 18:30:15 At this point in —
    2004: Dean +15
    2008 (D): H. Clinton +17.1
    (R): Giuliani +2
    2012: Gingrich +4.5
  • 01:09:19 You know, saying it starts at such and such time shouldn’t mean that is when 15 minutes it more of “pre-game” starts. :-/
  • 01:09:42 Retweeted @pbump 01:03:11 Here’s how Clinton’s 2015 lead compares to her 2007 lead nationally.
  • 01:17:23 Retweeted @mviser 01:01:39 ABC shows footage of Bernie and Hillary arriving at the arena. And then: “Martin O’Malley is coming as well."
  • 01:35:31 No fly list has serious due process concerns. And limited utility. Wish Dems like Clinton wouldn’t hang their hat on that.
  • 01:36:40 Why is O’Malley still here? Of course this whole thing is just a sideshow unless Clinton self-destructs. In which case Biden reconsiders.
  • 01:40:42 Sanders on DNC data thing. Decent parry of this. But needs Clinton to punt on it like he did on email. Then it goes away.
  • 01:43:05 Clinton being gracious, offering to move on. This data breach issue is over. Lasted, what, 48 hours?
  • 01:56:03 Ooh. O’Malley attacks, everyone gets feisty.
  • 01:58:29 Auto weapons, no fly lists, etc all distractions. Tiny percentages of deaths. Gun control as fix non starter in today’s USA. Waste of time.
  • 01:59:47 Murder rate in USA dropping consistently for decades. Just make sure that trend continues. Fixating on which weapons used not helpful.
  • 02:01:22 I say all of that as someone who is not a gun fan or 2nd amend nut. But going on about gun control only results in more people buying guns.
  • 02:03:31 O’Malley keeps getting shut down.
  • 02:04:27 Clinton is an idiot on encryption. So are the rest. Depressing.
  • 02:05:21 Hmm, relying on an actual suspicion before adding surveillance? What a concept.
  • 02:12:19 Candidates complaining about rules & if they are followed is the most pitiful thing ever. You are running for President for god’s sake.
  • 02:21:30 No fly zone in Syria is idiotic. Calling for one without saying you would enforce it even sillier. Makes whole thing meaningless.
  • 02:22:45 Sanders says getting rid of dictators easy. Well, maybe not easy. But his point on unintended consequences 100% correct.
  • 02:23:21 Clinton not looking at Sanders when she attacks him. Hmm.
  • 02:26:57 O’Mally pointing out the other two are really old. :-)
  • 02:32:18 The Dem debate reminds me I don’t particularly like Clinton. Sanders either. Maybe I should pay more attention to O’Malley? Or not…
  • 02:33:05 Mid debate analysis? Not sure I like this. Put it at the end.
  • 02:36:53 Starting without Clinton? Really? She’s going to make another bathroom joke, right? No.
  • 02:37:34 I really can’t believe they didn’t just vamp for a minute or something.
  • 02:40:53 O’Malley actually doing decently tonight. Maybe he gains a couple more %? Still not enough to matter.
  • 02:43:11 Ok, that Clinton “everybody should love me” line was good.
  • 02:44:56 Sanders “No they won’t” on if corporate folks will like him even better.
  • 02:58:00 Retweeted @LarrySabato 02:57:49 There are few undecideds on D side. Why would anyone switch sides, based on what we've seen?
  • 03:04:53 The moderators are not doing a service by trying to keep to the agenda instead of just letting the candidates go at it.
  • 03:06:35 Bernie would be more effective if he didn’t come off as an angry old man.
  • 03:08:36 I would pay a nice pay per view fee to watch a debate right now with these three Dems plus the top three R’s on the same stage. :-)
  • 03:14:59 Oh. This isn’t over. Ready for it to be over.
  • 03:20:25 I am having trouble maintaining focus on this debate even when taking breaks from the house cleaning I have been doing at the same time.
  • 03:22:33 Retweeted @JessicaTaylor 03:21:09 All the Dem candidates now support moving marijuana out of Schedule I substance list — Clinton was last to do so
  • 03:26:50 So far absolutely nothing out of this debate that changes anything. Except maybe that Clinton & Sanders agreed to put aside that data thing.
  • 03:27:45 I guess the domestic part of this debate is over now, huh?
  • 03:37:52 Questions about spouses means we are near the end, right?
  • 03:44:17 Closing statements! YAY!
  • 03:50:01 Really Hillary? Ending with “May the force be with you?” Ok.
  • 03:52:09 Poll predictions: No significant changes for any of them. This race is in an equilibrium absent a major shakeup. There was none tonight.
  • 04:11:39 Retweeted @BuzzFeedPol 04:10:03 There are no more presidential debates in 2015, so go enjoy the holidays!

    Next GOP debate: 1/14
    Next Dem debate: 1/17 in reply to BuzzFeedPol

  • 04:25:07 Retweeted @culturedstate 04:16:37 O'Malley's path to the nomination is that the other two campaigns are hit by meteors and incapacitated.

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