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February 2017

Curmudgeon’s Corner: Head in a Vat

It isn’t going to slow down, it is? Ivan and Sam take on Week 2 of the Trump presidency, which was just as nuts as the first week. They cover the immigration executive order and the reaction to it, the NSC shuffle and Trump’s contentious calls with Mexico and Australia, the riots in Berkley, the SCOTUS nomination and the Democratic response, what Republicans are planning on Obamacare, 25th amendment possibilities… and a lot more! Oh, and it was Ivan’s birthday. Happy Birthday Ivan!

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Show Details:

Recorded 2017-02-03
Length this week – 2:16:23

  • (0:00:36-0:20:22) But First
    • Happy Birthday Ivan
    • Agenda
    • Busy week
    • Ivan’s campaigns
    • Attending protests
    • Opinions changing?
  • (0:22:21-1:00:45) Immigration Order (mostly)
    • Was it a Muslim ban?
    • What the order did
    • Incompetence or cunning?
    • Process and purpose of EOs
    • Polling on the Order
    • Impacted people
    • Spontaneous demonstrations
    • Defying court orders?
    • Monday Night Massacre
  • (1:01:54-1:31:01) International Issues (mostly)
    • NSC shuffle
    • Russia call
    • Mexico call
    • Australia call
    • Yemen raid
    • Berkley riot
    • Quebec attack
  • (1:31:50-2:16:03) Domestic Stuff (mostly)
    • SCOTUS Nominee
    • Democratic Response
    • Trump vs Republicans
    • Bowling Green Massacre
    • Obamacare
    • 25th Amendment
    • How will the Trump presidency end?
    • Retreating from the news


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