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September 2017

Curmudgeon’s Corner: You Knew I Was A Snake

The week on Curmudgeon’s Corner, Sam and Ivan talk about Ivan’s evacuation from Florida in anticipation of Hurricane Irma, more general thoughts on Hurricane Irma as it approaches Florida, Trump’s recent moves that are making Congressional Republicans upset, Information Warfare in the age of Facebook and Twitter, and finally the Equifax data breach.

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Show Details:

Recorded 2017-09-09
Length this week – 1:54:32

  • (0:00:30-0:40:39) Hurricane Irma
    • Agenda
    • Ivan’s Evacuation
    • Irma’s size
    • pre-Florida Irma damage
    • Forecast uncertainty
    • Florida vs Texas
    • Evacuation decisions
    • Hurricanes and climate change
    • Preparations
    • One location vs another
  • (0:41:15-1:06:07) Trump vs Republicans
    • Pivot!
    • DACA
    • Debt Limit
    • Congressional reaction
    • Possibilities for centrist policies
    • Trump the Democrat?
    • Trusting Trump
    • Lack of understanding
    • Independant Trump?
  • (1:08:05-1:34:56) Facebook and Russians
    • Eric interlude
    • What Russians bought
    • Facebook reach per dollar
    • Facebook disclosure
    • Information warfare
    • Information bubbles
    • Reporting rules
  • (1:36:06-1:54:13) Equifax
    • Taking security seriously
    • Equifax data and impact
    • Privacy is dead
    • Informed consent?
    • Security is too annoying


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