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April 2019

@abulsme tweets from 2019-04-21 (UTC)

  • 01:07:32 This is very true. Dems are by no means unified about the necessity of this approach. They would need almost everybody to proceed.
  • 02:59:58 Retweeted @JWVerret 2019-04-20 19:55:08 Finished a second read through the Mueller Report. I don’t say this lightly, as a life long Republican, former R Hill staffer, and someone who has worked on every R campaign and pre-transition team for the last ten years. There is enough here to begin impeachment proceedings.
  • 03:09:59 @BYUfan Sigh. OK. i will check it out when I get a chance. in reply to BYUfan
  • 05:22:29 Retweeted @DavidKlion 2019-04-20 13:17:12 This is Beltway Brain. A totally pervasive, consuming cynicism. Oh, you thought we had rule of law? Actually, we have gamed out political scenarios and a blasé attitude toward right and wrong. People read takes like this and come away feeling despair. DC elites thrive on despair.
  • 05:55:22 Retweeted @GlennF 05:36:58 I don’t know if I’d ever be as confident as Don Jr., who has spent days trumpeting the fact Mueller found him too ignorant to crime, but clever enough to try to traitor.
  • 05:57:42 Retweeted @NicolleDWallace 2019-04-19 23:48:55 Making my way through the Mueller Report more carefully and every incident of premeditated and strategic lying to the press as KT McFarland does with @IgnatiusPost makes me think we still haven’t adequately adjusted to the asymmetrical task of covering bald faced liars.
  • 05:59:43 Retweeted @NormOrnstein 05:29:21 It is a continuation of asymmetric polarization and the “both sides” imperative of most reporters.
  • 19:52:09 Retweeted @soledadobrien 19:50:10 Hi, person who writes (and is paid for by) the @nytimes: the President was not exonerated.Yeesh.
  • 20:24:28 Nails it.
  • 20:26:57 Excellent summary -> What Mueller Found on Russia and on Obstruction: A First Analysis – Lawfare
  • 20:32:01 Retweeted @juliettekayyem 12:10:57 Even with redactions, Volume 1 is such a mind boggling display of soulless corruption it still blows my mind on 2nd read.
    V2 has the capacity to distract us from the treachery in V1. Don’t let it. V2 is about POTUS protected from criminal liability. V1 provides moral clarity.
  • 20:32:05 Retweeted @tribelaw 20:26:31 I agree with @juliettekayyem here. Everyone talks about how Vol 2 gives Congress a roadmap for impeachment proceedings. It does for sure. But it’s Vol 1 that shows why those proceedings are morally and constitutionally imperative — as well as what they should showcase on tv.

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