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April 2019

@abulsme tweets from 2019-04-22 (UTC)

  • 00:43:19 Retweeted @RadioFreeTom 2019-04-21 22:53:53 Volume 1 is a nightmare, and I’m so engrossed in it that I barely looked at Volume 2. The shills trying to wave this away are despicable. Especially those who know better – which is most of them. Beneath contempt.
  • 03:15:22 Reading -> What House Democrats should do now – The Washington Post
  • 04:04:27 Retweeted @natsecHeather 01:24:17 Should I tell her about how quickly this turns into innocent exchanges of the new obscene words the kids just heard?
  • 04:09:06 Retweeted @SallyAlbright 00:58:04 I called it.Bernie ran the exact same scam that lost Jim Wright his Speakership and cost Newt Gingrich $400k in fines, but from campaign donations, not from lobbyists.

    And sadly, it’s legal. Unethical af, but legal.

  • 05:37:27 Retweeted @RonaldKlain 02:46:35 I really feel like Dems are making the “impeachment question” complicated, when it’s simple:
    “We will hold hearings on what Trump did wrong–including things Mueller didn’t even consider (like corruption). At the end of the hearings, we will decide what punishment we support.”
  • 15:46:46 Retweeted @MikeDrucker 12:23:31 ELIZABETH WARREN: “…and that is why I’ve created a sustainable plant-based fuel that will allow is to colonize Mars and prevent any future wars over-”*media bursts in*

    MEDIA: “Hey everyone! Quick! There’s a dog on a skateboard running for President!”

    *everyone runs out*

  • 18:20:56 Mayor Pete now solidly in 3rd in both IA & NH in the RCP avgs.IA: Biden 24% Sanders 20% Buttigieg 11% Harris 8% Warren 7%

    NH: Sanders 23% Biden 21% Buttigieg 13% Warren 7% Harris 6%

    National: Biden 30% Sanders 23% O’Rourke 9% Harris 9% Buttigieg 6%

  • 18:55:20 Sigh.
  • 19:04:57 Retweeted @smotus 18:58:42 A lot of folks frame impeachment as something that would cost Democrats votes in 2020. I have a piece up at @pacificstand addressing this and other issues related to impeachment. (1/4)
  • 19:28:53 Retweeted @Ibishblog 19:09:42 EXCELLENT and really quite moving from ⁦@MaxBoot⁩ – it’s painful enough to watch this tragedy unfolding without many of the supporting cast of villains and scoundrels being one’s own former associates. He has my sympathies and my thanks.
  • 20:46:35 Retweeted @vermontgmg 20:15:15 THREAD: Assuming you didn’t spend the whole weekend reading the Mueller Report (but you really should!), I broke down for @WIRED 14 overlooked takeaways hidden in its 448 pages….:
  • 23:05:39 Retweeted @ezralevin 15:08:27 The most “radical” impeachment position in Congress right now is that a committee should consider whether the House should consider whether a discussion should take place in the Senate to consider whether Trump should be removed from office for crimes he clearly committed.

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