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January 2023

Grama Leslie Visit Day 9

Playing with the EXAL train!

Walking with Grandma Leslie

Grandma Getting a Picture

Blurry, but Grandma really wanted this shot of Alex and Daddy walking together. :-) (Photo by Grandma Leslie)


Father and Daughter (Photo by Grandma Leslie)

[Photo of Brandy on the couch by Grandma Leslie Censored]

Packing to go

Alex and Grandma Leslie with sleeping Alex

This might be worth opening one eye. Maybe.

[Photo of Brandy with Grandma Leslie and Alex Censored]

[Photo of Amy, Brandy, Grandma Leslie and Alex Censored]

Back to sleep on Grandma Leslie

And then she was off. Goodbye Grandma Leslie!

Alex woke up in the car to say goodbye though. (Photo by Grandma Leslie)

And Daddy went off to work! (For the record, that is not me on the zipline.)

Grama Leslie Visit Day 8

Amy and Grandma Leslie at dinner.

Yeah. Not much happened on Day 8. That’s all I got.

Grama Leslie Visit Day 7

Grandma Leslie poses for the camera (Photo by Amy)

Amy in line for a ride. (Photo by Grandma Leslie)

Amy getting on the ride. (Photo by Grandma Leslie)

Amy rides the ride (Photo by Brandy)

Assessing the slide (Photo by Amy)

Fun house mirror! (Photo by Amy)

Hi Mom! (Photo by Amy)

Finally coming down the slide… with help. (Photo by Grandma Leslie)

Riding the Carousel – Again (Photo by Brandy)

Alex’s very first roller coaster ride!! Daddy was very sad he missed it. Sniff. :-( (Photo by Brandy)

Success!! (Photo by Grandma Leslie)

Birds! (Photo by Amy)

A fish was won! (Photo by Amy)

Going to the fair is dirty work! (Photo by Amy)

Amy blurring down the big slide (Photo by Grandma Leslie)

Grandma Leslie at dinner

Telling grumpy daddy about the scary roller coaster ride he missed

A fishy face for the prize fish in its new home

Playing with Sister

Grandma Leslie with her more furry grandchild.

[Edit 2012 Aug 30 00:15 UTC to make minor edit to one of the captions.]