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December 2023

Drat, Caught Again

OK, once again as I’m up working on stuff, having only actually gotten into a good productive groove after I should have already been done with everything and in bed, I see the first East Coast folks coming online and starting their days. These are just the early birds so far, but yet, it probably does mean I should close things up and head to sleep even though I’m not yet done everything I want to get done. Sigh. I’d say there aren’t enough hours in the day or some such, but really it is just about getting into the right rhythm of stuff and using the available time efficiently. Once I really got going about 8 UTC I was just cruising right along. The problem is of course that I should have actually been at that stage a few hours earlier. Oops.

And yes, this probably means the podcast won’t be out until Friday this week. But I’ve had other things that have been more pressing to spend my time on.

Alex just woke up though, so maybe I’ll wait just a bit before actually going to bed.

Proposed New Rule

If you live on the West Coast (as I do at the moment) and you stay up late to get some things done you need to get done, but you start seeing the East Coast folks starting to log in and make Facebook posts and such, especially if they are posting about breakfast and heading to work and such, then it is time to go to bed, even if you aren’t quite done with everything you wanted to get done.

With that… goodnight… and good morning.


I should have been asleep hours ago. Instead, I kept unsuccessfully banging my head against a problem with a wireless printer/scanner all-in-one thingamabob. (A few days ago it had all been working perfectly, now Image Capture can’t find the scanner part on the network even though the printer part is still working fine… I have been trying to figure out what changed so as to put it back how it was, but I have failed so far.)

I had finally decided to give up and go to sleep, but of course I checked my various news sources first, which led me to notice that the Large Hadron Collider First Physics Webcast was going on, so I’ve been watching that since then. I really should be asleep. Four hours until I have to get up to get ready for work. Bleh.

But hey, live streaming Physics! :-)