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December 2022

Mom Visit Tuesday

Almost done with Tut (Photo from Mom)

Really, Alex, almost done! (Photo from Amy)

It is OK, I forgive you for boring, upsetting and scaring me. (Photo from Amy)

Of course, there is still an IMAX movie…

Not happy about this IMAX of which you speak.

Oh wait… there is popcorn? Why didn’t you say so?

40 minutes in the dark => Nap in the Grass (Photo from Mom)

And playing in sculptures (Photo from Mom)

And pictures of the same.

Alex has to try too.

Have to make one of those squished penny things.

And a ride on the monorail!

The monorail!

Even got to watch the driver on the return trip!

Gotta watch everything!

Then home to walk the dog with Grama Ruth

And 17 hours later, time to play with trains some more!

And Grama Ruth makes a big fort to play cars in!

Sister said give her a kiss!

And we’re fixing up my fish bowl!

Mom Visit Monday

Grama Ruth and Alex at the Zoo (Photo from Amy)


Walkin’ at the Zoo! [With you know who cropped off the side since she doesn’t like pictures]

Peacock! (Photo from Mom)

Looking at the Hippos (Photo from Mom)

See, Hippos (Photo from Mom)

Tired again though (Photo from Mom)

But not too tired for a stick of candy!

OK, maybe too tired for a stick of candy after all!

14 hours later, playing with Grama Ruth again

Coming through!

Reading a book with Dad (Photo from Mom)

Rough housing with Daddy (Photo from Mom)

Brandy’s Alex Head on display, Daddy, and Alex (Photo from Mom)

Looking over the edge… (Photo from Mom)

At a fountain. (Photo from Mom)

Amy at LGBTQ Resource Center where she volunteers

Getting ready to jump with Grama Ruth’s help!

Off to see the King Tut Exhibit (From Mom’s Camera)

Where there were many Ancient Egyptian things (Photo from Mom)

But Alex was not impressed… (Photo from Mom)

and really wanted to leave! (Photo from Amy)

Amenhotep IV said we should stay longer though. (Photo from Amy)

As did Psusennes I.

My mom was more impressed than Alex.

And we couldn’t miss the stomach coffin!