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July 2024

Website Moved

After a bunch of hours of troubleshooting and hacking at things until they worked overnight, I think I have successfully moved all parts of the website, including my current blog (2009-Present), the older blog (2003-2009), and tons and tons of static files from my old hosting provider, to the new one I’ve been using to host my wiki and to prototype my 2016 election stuff for the last year or so.

I *think* everything is working, but if anybody finds anything broken, please let me know.

I still have some cleanup to do, but everything should work at this point. I think. I’ve been meaning to consolidate stuff at the new place for a long long time. Finally got to it because I screwed something up on Saturday that required a restore from a backup to fix properly, and I figured if I was going to do that anyway, I should just stop procrastinating and get the move done. Then once I started I was committed.

Of course, I probably should’t have finished it up by pulling an all nighter between Tuesday and Wednesday, given that my alarm just went off and I need to get ready to leave for work now. Oops. I kinda forgot to sleep. I’m getting too old for this stuff. But it seems like overnight ends up being the only time I can get a solid chunk of hours at home to concentrate on personal projects. Sigh!

Anyway… next task is moving my family’s email over to the new host too. Then everything will be consolidated in one place.

But I won’t do that right now. No, it is time to get ready for work. Fun! Think I will take the bus instead of driving though…