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September 2003

Tivo Wishlists for the New Season

Well, the 2003 Emmy results came out, so that means last night I adjusted my Tivo Wishlists accordingly. I have a system for these things of course. As a result, I will be watching two new shows this season… Everybody Loves Raymond and The Daily Show. I will be dropping one show, Will and Grace.

The full current list is below. The three years of Emmy’s are fixed by the Emmy winners, everything below I can and do change at will within the categories as I feel like it.

First I have all of these categories, in this order, with wishlists (not season passes!) set to record only new episodes and keep until I explicitly delete them:

#1) 3 years of Emmys for Drama, Comedy, NonFic, Animated, Variety
#2) 5 other shows
#3) 4 keyword searches
#4) 3 actor/actress searches

2003 Emmys:
* The West Wing
* Everybody Loves Raymond
* American Masters
* The Simpsons
* The Daily Show

2002 Emmys:
* Friends
* Biography
* Futurama
* Late Show

2001 Emmys:
* Sex and the City

5 Other Shows:
* Doctor Who
* Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
* Frontline
* Angel
* Enterprise

4 Keyword Searches:
* Egypt*
* Iran*
* Syria*
* Photo*

3 Actor/Actress Searches:
* Reese Witherspoon
* Amy Sedaris
* Drew Barrymore

Then after that I have three “limited” wishlists, where I have it set to only keep the X most recent or what not.

3 Limited:
* BBC News (keep 1 most recent at all times)
* Director’s Cut (keep 5 until I delete, get a new one when I delete one)
* Action News (keep 1 most recent at all times)

Then after that, I reverse the entire list (except the limited ones) and have a second wishlist for each show, this time set to get ALL episodes, but to only save them until I need the space for soemthing else. I have them in reverse order, on the theory that if the show is at the top of the list for new episodes, I am more likely to have already seen it, so I don’t need to catch the reruns, while shows at the bottom of the new list may have gotten bumped by conflicts, so I catching the reruns is a higher priority.

So that is the TV list for the moment. Queer Eye and Doctor Who may have limited lives left on the “5 other shows” category. There may be some others I want to check out instead. I also rotate the actresses every month or so.

But this will do for now.

2 comments to Tivo Wishlists for the New Season

  • randatola

    4 Keyword Searches:
    * Egypt*
    * Iran*
    * Syria*
    * Photo*

    You know your name is going to end up on a list on Ashcroft’s desk because of this, right?

  • NM25

    It’s already on his list! I turned in Sam’s name for un-American activities years ago.

    I love Amy Sedaris — but have no idea why you want to watch that Emmy crap. Hardly any worthy show ever wins those awards.

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