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October 2003

Slings and Arrows

Byron Scott, on Slings and Arrows, as part of a “Primate Promotion Project” has linked to me and thus promoted me on the Ecosystem from a Insignificant Microbe to a Wiggly Worm. Actually on the 19th I had TWO links into me, which is a new record for me, and ranked me even higher. (That based on my Ecosystem History.) But the other person dropped their link on the 20th it seems, and I didn’t notice in time to find who it was.

Anyway, thanks to Byron. Just thought I’d link back before I devolved back to an Insignificant Microbe again in a few days.

Primate Promotion project
(Bryon Scott, Slings and Arrows)

Sam Minter (aka Abulsme Noibatno Itramne) laments the fate of the Reform party. Sam could learn to use permanent links for his posts.

Oh. And in fact I did always have permalinks, they just were not labeled well and were hidden in the “Comment” link. I have changed the wording on the link to clearly indicate it is a Permalink too. Hope that helps. :-) Just one of the defaults on my blog program I hadn’t changed yet.

Addition: Found the other person who linked to me through my logs… John Quiggan. So here’s a link back to him as well. Thanks John!

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