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April 2004

Starving Rat Diet

1500 or so calories a day for the “drastically reduced intake” mode of eating that adds like 50% to the life span of rats. I could probably do that. Would it be OK if it was 100% pizza and potato chips? How little is 1500 a day anyway? I’m not up on how many calories things have, other than knowing a can of CocaCola has 110. :-) Perhaps I’ll try this for the rest of the day.

So far today I’ve gone to Friday’s (at about 0130 UTC) and had two or three iced teas, a french onion soup, and a lemon chicken scaloppine. That’s all I’ve had so far today. Am I already over the 1500? Oops!

Low-calorie diet reduces stroke, heart attack risk: study
(AFP on ChannelNewsAsia)

“We don’t know how long each individual actually will end up living, but they certainly have a much longer life expectancy than average because they’re most likely not going to die from a heart attack, stroke or diabetes,” Holloszy said. […] The low-calorie diet group consumed 1,100 to 1,950 calories per day, depending on individuals’ height, weight and gender. Of the calories, 26 percent consisted of protein, 28 percent fat and 46 percent complex carbohydrates.

(via Google News)

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