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May 2004


There are 2 other offers besides ours on the place in Florida. And the owners are playing hardball on things like how much deposit up front as opposed to at closing, and when the closing date will be and things like that. We put in an updated counter offer reflecting that stuff and sweetening our offer a little bit. But there is competition, so who knows what will happen.

If we don’t get this one, we’ll probably wait until mid-July to even look again. The situation in terms of available cash and the closing on the house here and everything else will be a lot more stable then. Juggling the sale of the house here, the timing of relocation payments from the new job, and the purchase of something new is really quite stressful. I like doing things in sequence without so many dependancies a lot better.

But this seemed like a good place that we all liked, and it will also be really nice to actually get settled in the perminant place before the school year starts so Amy won’t have to bounce schools at the second move. Plus prices are going up at a rate that can already be seen in the couple of months we’ve been looking at houses down there. So when we found this one, offering seemed the right thing to do.

We want it.

But… if one of the other two people get it instead, we’ll be OK with that too. We’ll find something a couple months down the line. Every month we stay at the Bou’s should actually do a lot to put us in an increasingly better position… but at the same time, we’re anxious to get settled in a long-term spot, especially because of the school thing.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens.

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