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May 2004


Well, someone else beat our offer. Not sure if they actually beat the dollar amount or if so how much, but we did get told that they put down almost 50% of the price of the house in cash. Something we definately could not do. Oops.

Oh well. It was a nice house and we liked it, but buying before everything was settled on the PA house did make me nervous, as I mentioned. But we finally saw one we liked and moved on it, ya know? Anyway, we’ll still look at any that match our specs which come up in the next month or so. But having said that, I’ll be a lot more comfortable if we wait until late July (when all the cash flow stuff should be settled down) before making another offer. Maybe on one of the places to be built. I really like the Tiffany “Oriole” model. It is at the high end of our range though.

Well, we’ll let it play out. If something perfect comes up we may do the offer thing again. Otherwise… not until at least July, maybe August I’m thinking. The longer we wait the stronger the money situation will be. Of course, at the same time, the longer we wait the higher the prices will be (unless the market crashes) and we’ll have to deal with the whole schooll juggling thing.

Argh! Anyway, time to just think about getting the actual move done.

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  • NM114

    ON the bright side, I don’t hav eto be soaking in the hot tub wondering just why they needed that “privacy fence”…

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