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September 2004


We’re all inside now. There is just a constant rumble from outside. And flapping from the plastic we put on the windows before we had the plywood to put up. I can feel the pressure changes. It feels like rapidly going up on a plane or a high rise elevator. Haven’t looked outside in about an hour. Back then it was dark. The neighbor was walking a little yippy dog that looked like it should just blow away in the wind, but it was still on the ground. The streetlights were still on so we could see. The trees were wipping all around.

We’re still on the outer edges. Melbourne radar here. That is a live URL, so it isn’t just the radar when I am posting, it is the radar whenever you look. As I write, you can clearly see the eye of the storm on the radar, just southeast of Fort Pierce. Melbourne is on the very outer edges of the rain bands, in light blue. Nothing heavy yet. But there are some yellow and orange bands coming. How bad we get will end up on just when it turns I guess. The worst areas should be a little south of us, but sounds like we’re still in for a bunch worse before it gets better.

Right now it isn’t that bad. Just very windy. And the pressure. It is giving me a big headache and my ears hurt. And I’m a little tired. Brandy is taking a nap. I might sometime soon too.

Or not.

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