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October 2004

Random Trip Page Updates

I just made some minor updates to my Random Trip Pages.

I used to live at each of the two overlapping blue diamonds.  Now I live at the red diamond.

Yes, indeed, I have updated the main map to show my new location. Woo!

I have also changed things to indicate that, unfortunately, the Chacchoben, Quintana Roo, Mexico Random Trip did not actually happen in 2004 Q3. With everything going on with moving down to Florida, and the fact we are trying to keep money in as much order as possible to buy a house, it just was not a good time. I’m putting the new target as 2005 Q1, but that may yet slip too. But we will get down there damn it! We will!

I also updated the Random Spot Generator so it now centers itself on the house we are renting in Melbourne, Florida rather than my old place in Yardley, PA. Of course, that is only the default center, users can change it to center wherever they want. Well, pretty much… I think it will get confused if you center yourself on one of the poles, I haven’t got the right exception cases in the code to deal with those sigularities.

So anyway, play around with the tool a bit and generate some random spots until you find a place you would like to take a trip to. It is a fun way to kill an hour!

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