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November 2004

Marcus Beat Me

And beat me by five months too! I’ll have to get that HDTivo sometime! But new house and computer and maybe car will call come first. Darn Marcus! Well, at least it is broken. :-)

HD Tivo becoming unusable over the last few days
(Marcus Alzona, TivoCommunity)

Over the past few days, my HD Tivo (unmodified, working fine for 5 months) has becoming unusable. Its the same occasional problem I used to have with an SD DirecTivo or an SA Tivo – sometimes, you’d press something on the remote, and it either wouldn’t respond, or respond in a few minutes to all your presses (not a remote issue – you’d see one of the Tivo’s LEDs flicker as it receives the command). The problem would go away on its own most of the time, and a reboot would always fix this problem.

Oh, and hi to Marcus and congratulations on the new baby. :-)

The Rat Bird

Our birds haven’t done this… yet.

‘Rat bird’ feels at home
(Katrien Smit, News 24)

Rottie the rat thinks he is a bird… But it comes as no surprise when one realises that Madam and Tokkelos, two lovebirds, are raising this rodent. … “One day we realised the birds were carrying on as if they were breeding but there were no eggs. That’s when we discovered the small pink rat in a nest.”

(via Fark)

For the New House

I’m all electioned out after the avalance of posts leading up to the big day. So time for some other stuff.

Brandy, in the new house, can we get some of these?

The Hidden Door Company

The Hidden Door is a masterfully crafted door made to replace any existing standard size swing-style door with a fully functional built in bookcase that comes equipped with concealed hinges.

When accessed, the bookshelf opens just like a regular door and can be made to open in or out and swing to the left or right. When closed the Hidden Door conceals the opening thus creating a unique “secret space” in the home or office.

(via BoingBoing)

There are pictrues here. I think it would be prefect to hide the lab in which I do my evil experiments in my labcoat.

Speaking of the house, an update for those who are interested:

Starting with the background: We put an offer in on a place and got a contract on it just before the first of the hurricanes hit this year. Then the house was significantly damaged by those hurricanes. We agreed to delay the closing date from October to December to give them time to do the needed repairs.

Current update: They told us this weekend that they would not be able to complete the repairs in time. Not because the repairs are taking a huge amount of time, but simply because SO MANY houses in this area need similar repairs (new roofs and water damage to some walls and ceilings) that there is a huge backlog for such work to be done. It hasn’t even started yet, and no roofing companies will even commit to a date yet. So anyway, since they are not going to make it, we get another chance to decide if we want to extend again, or to just ditch it.

So… we got the mortgage company to extend the rate lock we have for another month and a half. So we’re probably going to go ahead and give them more time. For one thing, financially the longer we wait, the easier it will be. For another, while we might poke around at some other available houses, we’ve kind of decided that we like this one and are willing to wait for it, as long as we CAN based on what the mortgage people will or will not allow. I have a few quibbles with the master bathroom, but otherwise we like it. The dollar per square foot ratio is better than most other things we looked at in our price range. And we like the layout. Like the neighborhood. Etc.

The key is of course that it actually get fixed. Roof repairs will have to be up to current standards, which will be better than the roof it had. They are required to put it back how it was when we looked at it before we signed the contract basically. If they can do that, then we want it. If they can’t… well, that is another story.

But from what we understand, the repairs are very doable, and they already have the insurance payments and all that… it is just a matter of contractor availability to get it done.

Although there is a chance that they could get a call tomorrow and the repairs would be done in a couple weeks, chances are we are talking about January at this point. Or perhaps later… We shall see.