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November 2004

House Cleaning

Last night after dinner we drove by the house we are trying to buy. It looked like they may have begun the repairs. Or at least some cleanup. It was dark and we did not get out of the car to go look in more detail like we have other times, but it seemed like some of the debris from the front of the house had finally been removed or piled up to go. So it looks like they may have started.

A bunch of things still have to go right for this to happen. They have to finish the repairs, and the inspections have to confirm that it is indeed as good as it was before the hurricanes and there are no other major problems. And I have to get the last of my relocation payments from work. And we otherwise have to have no major unexpected costs between now and whenever closing happens. (Probably January, but maybe December… depends on how long the repairs take.) We shall see. Any one of a number of things could yet derail it. But it looks good at the moment.

But since it now looks like this may happen (as opposed to a month ago when it looked like it the odds were slim) here are a couple pictures.

First, this is the house we are renting from Ivan’s family right now:


And then this is the one we are trying to buy:


(Both images are from the Brevard County Property Appraiser. They are at the same scale. North is up in both pictures.)

Crossing our fingers for everything to work out!