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February 2005

Receive Your List

On January 30th 2003 I joined Kelly from work going to a kareoke thing in Willow Grove, PA.

Early on January 31st, I sent Kelly an email, which amoung other things included this passage:

“Also remind me, the one to the right of me that you sang with asked what kind of music I liked and I had no adequate answer, so I was going to send you a listing of the last 25-50 things I listened to which you could send her to answer the question.  But I’ll do that later.  :-)”

Kelly replied a few hours later:

“Her name is Brandy.  I am sure she will be thrilled to receive your list.  She is an odd one too.  She seemed to be interested in your random vacation idea.  I am sure she will want to see your web page.”

Kinda missed the exact day with all that has been going on. But that means it has been 2 years since Brandy and I met. Woo! Go two years! (It took us like 10 months after that before we were actually dating of course, but anyway…)

First actual email I can find from Brandy wasn’t until March 22nd though, when she emailed:

“Where were you when we needed you?”

That was after I skipped a kareoke I think. I thought at first that the email was spam and almost missed answering it. Oops.

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