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November 2005

Googlefied Trip Tool

I actually did this last weekend, but didn’t have the chance to post. I took the random trip tool that I’ve had up for several years, and modified it to use Google Maps rather than MapQuest. Since depending on what exactly you are doing, one or the other may still be better, I have kept both available:

If you are looking to just see the cool satellite pictures and such, the Google Maps one is the way to go. Or in general if you are just looking at US locations. If you are looking internationally and actually want to identify what cities and towns your spot is near, the MapQuest version is the way to go, because their actual maps have more information than Google in most countries. MapQuest seems to be a bit faster too. But their latest redesign doesn’t fit in the window size I’d defined when I first set up the tool. That size was predicated on having both the tool window and the MapQuest window fit side by side on my laptop screen, and it is as big as I can make it. Maybe I’ll make it larger when I get a new laptop. :-)

Have fun!

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