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November 2005


Last weekend I was poking around and noticed that SiteMeter had added a new “By World Map” view. I was entranced. It is even animated so if you just leave it up it will update as you get new visits.

Here are the last 20 visits to this site as of right now:

The most recent is the red dot, then the green dots, then the white. You can mouse over the dots to get more info.

I added a page to my site that will show it all the time here. Also linked on my left nav of course. It is all SiteMeter functionality though. I’m just reshowing it here.

There are of course limits to the accuracy of the geolocation, and your milage may vary… for instance all AOL dialup users show up as bieng from the same place in the midwest somewhere and when I hit the site myself from home in Palm Bay, FL it lists the visit as being from Sanford, FL which is a 90 minute drive away. And of course, it is only showing visits to actual pages where the user loads images and I have added the sitemeter badge (some old pages still don’t have it). But hey, close enough, and it is still fun.

Enjoy! I can just watch it for hours myself. :-)

Edit: (PS, It is Flash based, so if you don’t already have it you need to get Flash. Ivan also notes that it may take a little bit to load. Be patient.)

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  • gregh

    It’s close, but not really close by your standards. Similar to what you note, it says I’m coming from Sunnyvale (home of Protovision), for instance, which Yahoo! says is 45 miles away. And since NetNewsWire doesn’t do Flash or JavaScript, I had to load it in Firefox.

  • Abulsme

    Yeah, it is often way off. But since the little circles are a couple hundred miles across or so, it is close enough for most purposes just looking at the map. Except of course when it is off by a whole half continent, which it is occationally.

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