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March 2006


So, after the Moody Blues concert and a few hours sleep, it was time to go to the airport again, but this time Brandy and Amy were coming with me for the first time.

The main reason was that Amy was interviewing for private schools. The options in the public school are not ideal. So we’re looking into these possibilities. Who knows what will work out, but we’re crossing our fingers. We have applied to six schools, four of which had interviews scheduled for this trip. In the order we visited them:

At most of them in addition to Amy getting interviewed, Brandy and I also got to see the places. At some Amy got to actually attend classes and such for part of the day. All three of us have some pretty strong opinions on the schools (some good, some bad). But I shall refrain from saying anything in a public place like this until we know which (if any) Amy gets into.

There are two more schools that we haven’t gotten to see in person yet, although it may happen over Amy’s spring break at the end of this month.

The official deadlines to apply to all six of these were past before I even started my new job and we started figuring out the school options. But all six let us apply late given we were moving into the area. And the response to Amy at the schools where she spent the most time and we were best able to judge seemed to be pretty positive. But you never know. Things could work out. Or not. We could figure out how to pay for these. Or not.

But we are optimistic for the moment.

And it was very good having Brandy and Amy here in any case.


It has been awhile since I posted. I apologize. It has been a busy time. I had just gotten into the new apartment. I needed to get up really early in the morning to catch my plane, and I didn’t have any sort of bed, so I just stayed up all night long. Then I went back to Florida. We did a number of things in Florida. But the main reason for me being back this particular time was for Brandy’s Christmas/Birthday present…


A Moody Blues concert. That is the stage before it started. It was good. I don’t think Amy was quite as impressed though. She spent most of the time under her poncho hiding and playing games on my phone. But it was good. :-)

And it was good just to be back “home” for awhile longer.