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March 2006

DVD: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 2nd Season: Disk 3

imageIt took me awhile to watch this disk. I started it, then shoved it into my bag to watch on the plane… without any protection… when I tried to watch it again, surprise, it was all scratched up and wouldn’t play right… even after the toothpaste trick. So, I asked Cynthia if I could borrow her copy, she mailed it to me, and then I finally got around to watching more of it again. I finally finished the last of the four episodes on the disk yesterday. And guess what, my season two gaps continue to come up. Three of the four episodes on this DVD were new to me.

“What’s My Line, Part 1” and “What’s My Line, Part 2”: Kendra the Vampire Slayer shows up and helps foil a plot by Spike to revive Drusilla using Angel. I wasn’t a big fan of Kendra. The character really just didn’t work for me. But it was very good to fill in this hole in the Buffyverse that I’d missed.

“Ted”: OK, this is the one here that I’d seen before, and not only had I seen it before, but for whatever reason I’d seen it multiple times. Which is kind of annoying, cause I never really liked it that much. I guess it isn’t horrible, but I didn’t really need to see it again.

“Bad Eggs”: Another one that I had not seen. I was quite amused. Xander and Cordelia continue their closet thing, and everybody plays the egg game until they hatch. The Texas vampires were not that exciting, but they were a sideline. I liked the eggs.

Now I need to mail this back to Cynthia.