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May 2006

Changing Rooms

I just finished packing my box and labeling my chair and computer. Over the weekend the movers will move our group from the 5th floor to the 1st floor. I will get a new office mate. I hadn’t bothered to look at the spreadsheet until about an hour ago. Turns out I lose Ian and gain Jeff. I liked having Ian as an office mate. I may be able to suck more information I need to learn out of Jeff though. I’ve been learning a lot from him in the last couple weeks as I slowly brush up my Computer Science knowledge (last seriously thought about my freshman year at Carnegie Mellon) and my mad skilz with fun unix command line text processing stuff.

zcat blah.gz | grep ^foo | cut -f 5,6 | sort -u > newthing.txt

Woo! And SQL. I’ve always been near it and have occationally had to make trivial modifications of exsiting queries and the like, but I haven’t had to do the stuff myself. Now it would be very useful for my job, so I’m ramping up my hands on knowledge of such things.

My current office does not have a window, and neither will the new one. But in the current one I can look out the door and see plenty of sunlight. That will not be the case in the new one. It looks like it will basically be a cave. More lights may be in order. Dunno.

Jeff is also a Math guy. I like Math. He’s always writing equations on the whiteboards. Equations are good things. I like equations.

I need to work on my energy levels though. It seems I am often tired and find it hard to focus a lot. I just feel droopy. Have for a couple weeks now. And that kinda sucks. Eating right, exersizing and sleeping on a regular schedule would probably all help, but those things are hard. Maybe I can find some nice pills at the drug store that will deal with all that more easily. :-)

Anyway, time to head to a meeting. And then, since nobody has their stuff any more, it will probably mean everybody will just call it a day a little earlier than normal.

And then it is the weekend.