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December 2006

Musical Day

Saturday was a musical day in the Minonagony household. The morning had us getting up early (for a weekend) to get Amy to a church in Everett where her chorus was singing for a “Lady’s Tea” at some church up there. It is their first public performance of the season and somewhat of a warmup. I took this picture and was busy trying and failing to post about it from my Treo and so intent on trying to figure out why it wasn’t working (never did figure that out) that I didn’t notice at all when the music suddently stopped mid-phrase and there was a gasp and a commotion as a parent ran up to retrieve her daughter who had just fainted on stage. It was not Amy. After a few minutes of everybody composing themselves they started over at the beginning of that song.

After that, we raced back down to Seattle to the University of Washington. The bass teacher we had taken Amy to didn’t quite know what to think or how to approach the task of teacher her after her first lesson with him, so had arranged for her to be seen by HIS teacher, a professor of Music at the UW. So we got there just in time, only to be the only ones there. Both the teacher and the professor ended up being about 30 minutes late. When they got there they took Amy and asked Brandy and I to leave. So we went and got coffee while Amy had a one hour session with the Professor. Apparently she did pretty well other than her usual 11 year old attention span and taking it seriously issues. They are going to consult with each other and get back to us on what they think the best approach to continuing her bass education will be. The Professor is also going to try to get us set up with the Seattle Youth Orchestra, which Brandy had sent email to over the summer but who never answered us. Since Amy doesn’t have an orchestra at her school (too small) it is important to have an actual outlet to perform… it gives a direction to lessons and practice and such.

Anyway, musical day.