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December 2006

Five Bad Weeks

It has been a really bad five weeks. Starting with what happened with Zuri which had me in very horrible frame of mind which I am still working to get over. These last five weeks I have been sadder and angrier and meaner and less patient than I remember being in many years. I think it is almost over though. Five weeks is enough. Meanwhile, almost as soon as that happened, Brandy got sick. Then Brandy broke her leg. Then this last week I’ve been sick. It has been a bad five weeks.

Of course, then I remember that right before that five weeks I had a kidney stone episode. And right before that we found out my Saturn is dying. And right before that some one bumped into Brandy’s car in a parking lot while I was in it waiting for her to come out of a store. (No serious damage.) Literally the day before that someone dented my Saturn in a different parking lot while Brandy was driving. (It was the mom of one of Amy’s schoolmates… we know her.) And a week before that, someone smashed in the window of Brandy’s car and stole her purse while she was at a school rummage sale within sight of the car.

And come to think of that, before that we had months of tension about selling the house.

And going back almost a year, there was all that nonsense in Florida.

Come to think of it, it has been a bad couple of years.

All in all, though, I am now at a job I enjoy and can grow in, we are now in a decent house that we like in a decent neighborhood, money is no longer a major day to day concern, either through my previous employer faling to meet any of their commitments like last year, or through maintaining two households like the first part of this year. Amy is in a school she loves, and she is doing very well.

MOST things are going very well and the trends are all in good directions.

But there have been some very hard bumps and bruises along the way. And the last five weeks has for me very tough in terms of those personal at home things. But I can see the sky again now I think.

And I really really hope the next five weeks… hell, the next five months… the next five years… are all up trend all the way. Well, at least mostly. I don’t need any more months like the last month please.